Kelly a student of Doula Canada and owner of Blossom Doula Services has a passion for supporting the labouring person. She wanted to share one of the many tools in her toolbox. Here is her take on using a traditional Mexican rebozo in labour and birth.

Labour and Birth doulas are always trying to find different ways to help support a person in labour. A Rebozo is a great tool for a labouring person, the best part is that it can be used prenatally and in the postpartum period.What is a Rebozo?

A Rebozo is a woven piece of fabric used by Mexican women as a shawl, a baby carrier , and a comfort and positioning tool for pregnancy and childbirth.

It is generally long enough to wrap around a person’s body. It can be used with the help of your support people/person in labour, as not only a comfort measure but also it can help baby move into an optimal position. After baby is born it can then be used as a baby carrier.

​A Rebozo can be used between contractions during early labour, and early active labour.

While there are multiple different techniques used out there, some of the more common uses of a Rebozo during pregnancy and labour are listed below;

  • Sifting the belly
  • Supported squats
  • Abdominal lift
  • Hip squeezes
  • Rebozo used on a birth ball
  • Used with hot/cold packs
  • Used while pushing
  • Postpartum as a carrier for baby

A doula could help you with some of these techniques, and it would be optimal to discuss the uses and even try them out before baby comes! When trying out a Rebozo for the first time you should always use caution and use your resources to learn how to preform the techniques properly and always be aware of how the mom is feeling throughout. After a few demonstrations it will be easy for you and your partner to catch on.

​​During your third trimester you may find the “abdominal lift” very comforting to help lift the belly up, this could ease any back troubles you are having. Hot and cold packs are great during pregnancy and labour and the Rebozo can help keep them in place. A Rebozo can also help the partner and or the doula help hold positions for longer, (it may be easier than solely using your hands) which is beneficial for everyone.

A Rebozo is a great option to help you relax during your pregnancy, labour, and delivery. As a Doula it is a great tool to add to your toolbox. Do your research, honour the tradition and find a tool that works for you.
Kelly became a doula because she is passionate about strong women, their families and welcoming those beautiful bundles of joy into the world with positivity and encouragement.
Her career in sonography led her to expand her education into the doula world, and how she could work more in depth with expecting mothers and their partners.
Kelly Elliott, Labour and Birth Doula Blossom Doula Services

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