2019 – Our Word of the Year – PURPOSE. 

In just under four years Doula Canada has accomplished a number of its development and organizational goals.  Our team is proud of its full-spectrum training opportunities, but we are even more proud of the passionate membership we have grown and retained.

Doula Canada.  You are amazing!

Although our goal-setting and development strategies are not set in motion by the dawning of a new fiscal year, we can’t help but get a caught up in the motivational elation a New Year brings forward.

2019.  You are going to bring new adventures!

So, what is Doula Canada going to achieve in 2019? 

Well, time will tell! 

But we begin our the new year with the launch of our Finding Your Centre: The Intentional Doula workshop, and as such are determined to live and teach in the present moment.  At this exact moment I am enjoying writing this resolution blog and enjoying some fine sips of Costa Rican coffee!  That being said, 2019 does have its defined focus.

What is our Call to Action for the year ahead? 

To confer to the world our PURPOSE.

Purpose is defined as:

noun – the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

“the purpose of the meeting is to develop our national alongside doula program”


verb – have as one’s intention or objective.

“My purpose as a doula is to positively effect the well-being of our countries future generations.”

The word “purpose” was intentionally chosen as a natural progression of our 2018 pathway “connection.”  2018 was all about building community, making connections, and beginning collaborations.  You can read more about that here at our 2018 Reflection Blog.

2019 will nurture connections and further develop the infrastructure and the programs that will expand our purpose as Canadian doulas and childbirth educators.  It will also be the year that we take our message about infant and maternal well-being outside of our great nation to develop our international voice.

We are Doula CANADA, but we have dedicated members in numerous countries! 

We will be making the space to hold difficult but important conversations with those who are working towards related support goals, and with those who make decisions about recognizing and heralding the work of our modern day support professionals.  We will be asking for more.  We will be asking for admission and appreciation.  We will be sharing our purpose and developing new ways to facilitate the exchange of discourse we hope 2019 will manifest. 

Purpose.  We will not be defining it.  That has been done.  We will be proclaiming it!

With our proclamation that Doula Canada is the Canadian voice for doulas and childbirth educators we will also be launching new programs, welcoming new positions on our team, and assisting in the development of our members goals and aspirations.

Here are some of the new and exciting things launching in 2019:

We will be showcasing our purpose and experience in places and partners in:

  • Federal and provincial ministries related to our professional goals
  • Programs and partnerships related to maternal and infant mental health
  • Fundraising and grant designating bodies who can assist with our Doula Fund
  • Infant and pregnancy loss conferences and affiliated community partnerships
  • Tanzania volunteer program, and other volunteer programs abroad 
  • Costa Rica retreat and alongside doula opportunities (Fall/ Winter 2019)
  • North American conferences (i.e. Evidence Based Birth in Fall 2019)

We encourage our members to contact us with conference opportunities and community partnerships you feel Doula Canada should take part in.

Purpose.  2019 you now have your Call to Action.  May be you be filled with vision, may you be progressive, and may you be always filled with badassery! 

Love, light and gratitude for the adventures of 2019 ahead. 

Shaunacy, and the amazing Doula Canada team

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