Do you know how wonderful labour doulas feel after a birth?  Knowing they worked hard and their client did IT.

Do you know that same feeling can come from “Mothering the Mother”?  A beautiful gift of being a Postpartum Doula.  And our world *needs* this help!!  Most of us don’t have round the clock support.  Many times our own parents are not in the same community and our partners return to work after just a few weeks (or less!).  And being a new mom is hard.  We can all use a little support.

Here is a piece from a then student’s postpartum doula report that brought a little tear to my eye because I could feel the joy of that little boy, and the relief of the new mom that she could give that to her boy.  (The student doesn’t know I’m using it so I hope she forgives me lol!  Names have been avoided for confidentiality purposes).

“As a special surprise, she asked if I could stay in with the boys and M. while she met T. at the bus stop which she can’t usually do so she has a walker.  It made T.’s day!!!”

Such a small thing, but made a world of difference to this postpartum family.  And that’s what a postpartum doula does!  A lot of little things that add up to a HUGE difference in the world of new (or growing) families.

Do you think this is something you want to do?  Does this call to your heart?  Contact us today!

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