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Welcome to the Doula Canada Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) hub. Here you will find everything EDI, whether that be resources, webinar opportunities, internal policies, and more.

Our EDI Co-Leads

At Doula Canada, we believe that social inequality and injustice are realities of human communities and the human experience. We also believe that a world where everyone experiences dignity, respect, justice, and liberation is possible. Achieving this world requires conscious and consistent effort on the part of individuals and communities. 

We do our part to create this world by working with dedicated staff to ensure that our curricula, continuing education programs, and policies amplify the voices and stories of equity-seeking people, such as racialized people, sexually and gender-diverse individuals, disabled people, poor people, youth, immigrants and refugees.

Our EDI co-leads work collaboratively to ensure that equity-seeing members feel welcome and affirmed at DTC and that program graduates are set up for success working with diverse community members. To achieve this Keira and Kayt connect with members and use their input and perspectives to guide the development of content, programming, and policies that raise awareness regarding EDI needs in birthing communities, and provide concrete information, tools, and mentorship to meet these needs.

Meet Kayt

Kayt is an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Co-lead at Doula Canada. Born and raised in Pembroke, Ontario on unceded Algonquin territory, she identifies as a queer, disabled, non-status ciswoman of French and Algonquin ancestry.

In her professional life, Kayt has a formal education of a Bachelor of Social Work and soon a Bachelor of Indigenous Studies at Trent University. She values research, education, policy, and tough, vulnerable conversations as tools for systemic transformation.

Kayt is also a birth doula and yoga instructor and works primarily with those experiencing marginalization within colonial Canada, particularly Indigenous families, newcomers, low-income individuals, and those within the mental health and child welfare systems.

Book a free appointment with Kayt at kayt@doulatraining.ca.

Meet Keira

Keira Grant is a Queer, Black, Jamaican-Canadian cis woman who has been working toward social justice for over 20 years, starting as a collective member at York Centre for Women and Trans People and as the external coordinator of Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Alliance at York (TBLGAY) while completing her Bachelor of Fine Art. Keira has maintained this commitment to an equitable and inclusive society by continuing her education in health policy and pursuing a career in health equity. She has done health administration, research and policy work with a variety of organizations including Michener Institute at the University Health Network, and Rainbow Health Ontario at Sherbourne Health Centre.

As a DTC-certified birth and postpartum doula, informed consent, bodily autonomy, and liberating, holistic care are the cornerstones of her practice with clients. She applies her knowledge of the health care system, the social determinants of health, and culturally informed care to empower clients during the birth and postpartum journey. Keira is actively striving for a world where all birthing people are safe, respected, empowered, and set up for parenting and family well-being.

Keira is also the moderator of our social media platforms, including our members-only Facebook group. Members can private message or tag her if they need support with a challenging post. 

New and long-standing members are invited to meet with Keira one-on-one to learn more about the role of different staff members, and programming at DTC, our policies, or to discuss an equity, diversity, and inclusion matter.

You can connect with Keira at keira@doulatraining.ca.

EDI Initiatives

Birthworker Advocacy & The Advocacy Working Group

As part of our ongoing commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in birth work Doula Canada started an advocacy working group in 2023. The initiative arose from the development of our Advocacy Framework and the Advocacy Toolkit designed to support doulas when working with clients. The goal of the working group is to create a space for DTC doulas to work collaboratively on raising awareness and calling for healthcare reforms that improve conditions for our clients and our workforce. 

The founding members voted to prioritize advocating for improved access to Doula Care. To that end, we are preparing a briefing note for government and other health sector stakeholders that makes a strong case for public funding for doula care. 

Students and alumni who are interested in participating in the working group can use this form to let the EDI team know that they are interested in being a part of this initiative. 

EDI Evaluation

For the first time in 2023, we asked all students and alumni to anonymously tell us about the identities they hold.  We collected this demographic data to better understand whether our student body is reflective of the population at large and if equity-seeking groups are well-represented.  This will support us as we develop outreach materials, curriculum, and new programming.   

Going forward, all new registrants will be offered an opportunity to tell us about their identity anonymously so that we can explore trends in our membership and ensure that we are continuing to recruit and engage diverse participants and represent all our members and clients in our content and programming. 

We also conduct bi-annual climate surveys to learn more about the quality of the experience that equity-seeking members are having. Feedback from our members guides our EDI programming.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Planning

Based on our inaugural climate survey in 2021, our EDI team developed an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan. This plan is a living document that is updated based on alumni feedback. 

Members of our learning community have ongoing opportunities to provide confidential and anonymous feedback to our EDI co-leads. These opportunities include one-on-one discussions, focus groups, surveys, and an anonymous feedback form. This invaluable input from our members has a concrete impact on policy development and revisions, curriculum, and continuing education offerings. 

Our EDI co-leads provide bi-annual reports to alumni on the School’s EDI initiatives and achievements, and our plans and progress addressing opportunities for improvement as identified by equity-seeing members of the DTC community.

You can take a look at our Equity & Inclusion and Harassment & Discrimination policies here:

Equity & Inclusion

Harassment & Discrimination

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