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What can I expect at the in-class training workshop?

Small class sizes with an experienced doula and childbirth educator instructor!

Comfortable, open learning styles that promotes confidence and preparedness as a doula or childbirth educator.

Practical, hands on work lessons through in-class sessions or expert mentorship (online).

Results-oriented curriculum that has been professionally developed by experienced doulas and academics from Canada.

Confident business knowledge and mentorship to get you a growing client list.

An amazing peer support network from Vancouver to St, John’s!

Fun, fun, fun!

What are the steps towards certification?

Depending on the program you wish to certify under, some or all of the following certification requirements may be expected:

  • Attend in class training or choose to being through our self study start option.  We create choices for beginning your journey with Doula Canada!
  • Written exams – done online for all programs
  • Practical exams (for CBE program only)
  • Educational units expectations (across all programs, varied expectations depending on your chosen program or stream)
  • Certification in First Aid/CPR Level C
  • Practical support to three families with supported evaluations (labour doula, postpartum doula, dual stream)
  • Required readings with report (number of readings depend on your chosen program, typically 5 or 6)
  • Projects and assignments (all courses have a series of assignments (5 to 6) and projects (2) that must be completed)
How long do I have to complete my certification process?

We allow each student 2 years to complete all the components for their certification, regardless of the program you choose.

The programs are designed to be completed in less time, however we recognize that with the commitment of supporting clients who may be expecting in 9 months from now, it is important to provide a time to manoeuvre.

We want this to be an enjoyable learning journey for our student body – nobody needs the extra pressure these days!

Our students have responsibilities with other job positions, children, family, and other educational experiences.   Two years is enough time to comfortably complete your student workload.

We also recognize that sometimes “life” happens and some of our students may need a little extra time.  As such we do offer extensions by request and with review by our team in full.  In the event of an extension being granted a small fee may apply, and a student may be asked to sit in on another training workshop as a refresher.

What if I need help through the process of becoming a doula?

One of the benefits of training with our organization is the on-going support you will receive.

We are here to help you succeed throughout your certification process, but also after you graduate and have achieved alumni status.

Our experienced trainers and administrative staff here at Doula Canada are very accessible and easy to approach with questions or concerns. After all, we are working the doula world too!

We are always here to help you through the process if you need us, just a phone call or email away.

Doula Canada also has a vibrant peer-to-peer network that is compromised of our students, alumni, provincial liaisons, instructors, and administrative staff.  At any time of the day you can access our online forum and have your questioned in real-time by dozens of your doula and CBE colleagues.

What is an approved “Educational Unit” at Doula Training Canada?

An Educational Unit is a “point” you obtain by attending other trainings that will help you to grow your business.

One Educational Unit is granted for every one (1) hour of additional learning you participate in.  Example:  4 hour workshop is weighted as 4 EU credits.

The total number of educational units required for certification can be found on the specific program pages.

A student can use a maximum of 6 educational units per a course toward certification.

Don’t have previous business experience?  Haven’t experienced breastfeeding/chestfeeding a child yourself?  The Educational Unit requirement is an opportunity to take courses that will customize your training to your unique learning needs, but also build your skills to become a more confident support person!

Are there any membership or exam fees?

At Doula Training Canada our fees are inclusive.

Your one-time membership and certification fee covers:

  • Life-time membership
  • Course reference guide and certification packet
  • In-class training and online module accessibility
  • Access to our vibrant online community forum
  • Updated materials and resources as they become available
  • Administrative costs (i.e. postage for certificates or required paper work)
  • Exam fees
  • Mentorship 24/7 by our Doula Canada team

We do not charge an exam fee or a renewal fee.  We would rather see you put those hard earned doula and CBE dollars back into your business!

That being said, your one-time certification fee to Doula Canada does not include money you might spend on your books for the required readings or your educational units.  Those costs are variable and can often be made very affordable.   Canada is a big kickass country, and as such opportunities are often different region to region.  We have lots of ideas (many free) on how to gather those readings and those EU hours.

I have heard of other training organizations. Why should I choose yours?

Doula Canada is one of the leading Canadian doula training organizations in Canada.

We offer a supportive environment and instructional team that helps you connect with your passion and purpose of supporting your community.  We are here to help when needed.   We love to help!

When you choose our doula training programs you are choosing a program that is 100% Canadian, a program that is passionate and personal, with results-driven strategies….  and full of confidence!

You will build a relationship with your instructor and with your peers across this great nation and across the doula related field.

Your requests and needs are important to us, and we always have time to listen.

Your input is valuable and helps us to continue to shape the program.  We love to work with you to develop new programs and options for continuous learning a la doula style!

Our support does not end after your training workshop or even upon certification.  Our students become family, our alumni become friends.  One big beautiful Canadian group hug!

​We are continuously supporting and encouraging our doulas to take the next step, to be courageous, and to step into a life and career that is exciting, rewarding and filled with passion.​

*​Being a doula in North America is an unregulated profession.  No one organization or group regulates doula work, and in Canada this means that we have the honour and privilege of being a leading voice in our industry.  This means you can take your training through whichever organization you feel most meets your needs.

When the time comes that doula work becomes a regulated field, rest assured that Doula Canada certification is familiar with the process of complying with the current requirements.  We will be 100% committed to ensuring you as a student of our organization is recognized.  Until that time, we will work hard to ensure we offer quality, professional training that is current, highly professional, and enjoyable.

Are you DONA or CAPPA Affiliated?

In short, no we are not.

Doula Canada is an independent organization whose Director and team members have trained with a number of organizations, sometimes not just one!  We know that this is what makes our organization special.

Our dedicated team, students and alumni have often taken trainings with other organizations and have then chosen to become members with Doula Canada, for a variety of reasons – thanks for that!

Being a Doula or Childbirth Educator in Canada is currently an unregulated profession.  Accreditation is not something that is recognized in Canada, and although other organizations may use certain letters after their names it really has very little standing in Canada.

Like the more known American companies we offer up-to-date evidence based approaches to learning.  Our organization aims to offer collegiate level certification by qualified and accredited instructors who are working to ensure Doula Canada is at the forefront of insurance and policy-makers minds in OUR country.   Oh Canada, we are proud to call you our doula home!

We offer cross-certification streams for Doulas from other organizations who are looking for unique membership and learning environment that is unmatched in this country.

We may not be one of the “big” organizations, but we are full of heart and passion!

Are our Doulas covered by insurance companies like some of the larger organizations?

Indeed we are!

Despite what you may have heard our doulas are able to access liability insurance for their businesses, and are increasingly recognized by third party payer’s who cover doula services (see Extended Benefits under your clients insurance).

Doula Canada continues to work with inter governmental persons and lobbyists across Canada to seek further resources and funding for doula and childbirth educator services.  Our team of Provincial Liaisons has been busy setting up meetings, researching funding options, and making connections for our Doula Canada members to work collaboratively.

Do I need to re-certify after a number of years as a member of Doula Canada?

Yes, every three (3) years from your date of graduation date we do request that you submit documentation to update our files and show your continued dedication to updated knowledge in your field.

There is NO cost to our alumni to recertify.

Alumni are asked to submit a form, provided by Doula Canada, and accompanying documentation outlining the 12 Educational Credits (24 hours) of continued learning they completed in their three years since graduation (4 Eus, or 8 hours per a year).

There are NO recertification or renewal of membership fees.

Once you graduate you will always be a member of Doula Canada’s alumni – yay!

Simply complete the form, attached the proof of completions for the EU courses, and continue rock’in your Doula Canada self.

*Please note that Doula Canada does reserve the right to adjust these policies at any given time to meet legislative expectation.  This may apply to all students and alumni, regardless of date of training or certification.  Notification will be sent to all students and alumni should a change in company policy be amended.

What if I have not given birth or have had a medical birth or cesarean? What if I didn’t breastfeed/chestfeed?

Our doula students and graduates come from different experiences.  Many of our students have never given birth, many have had vaginal births, many have had surgical births or and a variety of related birth experiences.  Having given birth or given birth vaginally is definitely not a prerequisite to becoming a doula or childbirth educator, nor does it make one a better perinatal support person.

Through our training workshops, our required readings, your educational unit courses, and our ongoing support you will become a confident and competent support person regardless of your prior experiences.

I am on a strict budget, how can I estimate the complete cost of my training so I know if this is something I can afford to do?

Make no mistake, the cost to be a Doula is an investment in your future and the money you put into your business will help you determine what you will get out of it in return.  That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank in order to be trained!  The picture will look different for every individual.  We offer flexible payment plans and payment options.  We are open to discussing what works best for you and to help you make steps towards managing and reaching your doula or CBE goals.

Example of doula training costs:

One-time Labour Doula course fee of $600, plus your provincial taxes to Doula Canada
The cost of the required readings you choose is approximately $100 to $150 (check out libraries for free options!)
The cost of educational units is approximately $150 to $250 (we share lots of free opportunities too!)

What are the chances of obtaining a job after I complete my training?

Being a Doula, at this time, often means running your own business.  How exciting!
The people who hire you are the general public and your success will depend on YOU and the commitment you put forward to yourself and your business.   Like any new business, it may take time – but we are always here to share ideas and help move you forward.

Rest assured that during your training you will learn about marketing your new business, connecting with community stakeholders, and building confidence as a Doula.  We are all about collaboration and confidence at Doula Canada!

Here’s the thing:  Doula Canada’s team is made up of a group of professionals who were once in your shoes wondering if they could do it.  They have been where you are now and are living proof that you can obtain success as a Doula.

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