Doula Canada is seeking external Course Developers and Lead Instructors for our online workshop offerings.

Doula Training Canada (DTC) provides professional and unbiased training and certification opportunities for individuals looking to develop their skills as a confident Doula or Childbirth Educator.  To help with this mandate we are seeking proposals from external persons interested in developing and leading online workshops in partnership with DTC.

Doula Canada instructors will agree to host their developed curriculum through our online learning portal.

TITLE:  Doula Canada Instructor ( ONLINE) 

CLASSIFICATION: Education and Support


POSTING DATE: April 29th, 2021              


HOURS AND COMPENSATION: To be discussed and negotiated, based on type or workshop and length

START DATE: To be negotiated.

Your role as a course developer will be to provide DTC with curriculum in a topic that you are highly knowledgeable and experienced in, and that relates to the professional work and development of doulas and childbirth educators.  

Your secondary role as the instructor for your program will be to guide students through the set curriculum, offer online mentoring to students while your workshop is running, support administration and training staff by making suggestions about required curriculum updates, and uphold the professional standards of the DTC brand.



Roles and Responsibilities

In collaboration with DTC external developers and instructors will provide:

(1) Development Responsibilities 

  • Develop a 4 to 8 week online program that outlines all required learning materials (audio, video, articles, assignments) and submit it to DTC for review and creation in our online learning portal
  • Workshops should be original content and reference any materials that are not copyrighted property of the course developer
  • Ensure the flow of the workshop is functional and easy to follow for students once it has been uploaded onto the online learning portal
  • Ensure that DTC is aware of any materials or links that need to be adjusted so that their support staff can ensure it is done in a timely manner
  • Offer a minimum of 2 sessions for the proposed workshop

(2)  Instructional Responsibilities 

  • Work closely with the executive(s) to understand the learning priorities and needs of our students in their experience with DTC
  • Ensure the instructional experience being offered is in line with DTC`s professional expectations, inclusionary policies, and permissive agreements 
  • Agree to host and train a minimum of 2 training sessions
  • Lead and instruct class in professional, non-judgemental manner that ensures all participants leave with the knowledge they hoped to gain in registering for your course
  • Research, organize, and execute the updating of DTC learning materials

(3) Mentorship and Communication Responsibilities 

  • Provide on-going, continuous support to all DTC students during their time under your instructional lead
  • Efficiently manage incoming and outgoing email enquiries as it relates to instructional tasks, ensuring all emails are appropriately responded to in a timely and professional fashion
  • Contact students within 2 weeks of completing the workshop to have them complete an evaluation form for DTCs review 
  • Act as a guide and mentor to the students through encouragement and support
  • Communicate and promote the profile of DTC



(4) Additional Supports and Responsibilities


  • Maintain a professional, positive, open hearted persona at all times when in contact with current and future students, including social media presence 
  • Mark quizzes, projects, and assignments related to the developed course and point of instruction that is agreed upon with DTC
  • Carry out regular reporting to the National Director on matters concerning your relationship with students and their DTC experience
  • Knowledge:
    • Be an expert in the proposed topic of your workshop (i.e. pelvic floor health, lactation, business)
    • Have an excellent understanding of collaborative community partners and organizations in their province and how those contacts support the work of a professional doula

    Preferred Skills and Qualifications:

    • Be a currently certified member in good-standing with any organizations that represent your proposed course for development
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent priority and time management skills
    • Ability to work with minimal supervision
    • Proactively anticipates and initiates mentorship support
    • Possesses an efficient and meticulous work style and a “go-get-em” personality
    • Familiar with computer technology – i.e., Google calendar, email, Word, Excel
    • Have up to date liability insurance
  • Experience in the proposed topic, with a minimum of two years experience working in the field
  • A member in good-standing of any professional associations or organizations related to the proposed topic
  • Proof of completion in any courses related to the proposed topic
  • Experience in public relations, education, or public speaking is an asset but not required

This position is a contract position for 2020, with expectations of teaching a minimum of 2 trainings, at a minimum of 4 modules and a maximum of 8 modules.

Compensation will be negotiated on a percentage, with a percentage going to the instructor and developer, and a percentage going to DTC for course management and administration.

All inquiries regarding this position will be treated in strict confidence and should be directed to Shaunacy King, Director, Doula Canada

TO APPLY:  Please send 1-3 page outline of your proposed topic, cover letter and a resume (in PDF format) to:


Please note: Following an offer, candidates with Canadian credentials will be required to provide official transcripts from the granting educational institution(s).

We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for further discussion about their proposed online workshop will be contacted.

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