• Training with DTC to become a Birth Doula has been an amazing positive experience in my life.  I feel so blessed to have joined a sensational group of women pushing the bar to educate, encourage and empower women during the most incredible journey of their life.

    2016 Graduate
  • Just wanted to drop you a thank you note ... I was offered a position as a support worker because of my doula certification. This is a support system for young, at risk mothers and I have been volunteering with them for the past couple of years. A large part of my job will be hands on doula work and setting up a doula support program that will grow over time. Now the thank you : I was asked to come in for an interview originally for a facilitator position but once I found out it required the applicant to have a Social Work degree I hesitated. This was all around the time of the birth training. During that training with you we drew DTC affirmation cards. I drew the affirmation card "I am enough". That stuck with me and I decided to go for the interview and see what happened. It was an hour long interview and I was so nervous as I had zero social work background. However, I did my homework for it and repeated over and over again "I am enough". While I did not get the facilitators job I got a job offer that was designed around my passion - doula work. Like the universe designed it for me. So you see, I want to say thank you. Thank you for ALL you do. You are strong and passionate and that is very infectious. And I am so happy I found you and DTC. Thank you Michelle

  • Thank again for today’s extensive lessons. I am feeling super excited and I have gained extra confidence over the course of today!

  • I wanted to write to you tonight to thank you for all of your hard work to make the doula retreat (and this program) happen. It hasn't hit me until tonight what that retreat was really for. I was really excited to meet an entire web of women who think like me and have a passion for women's journeys. But the lessons in managing our time and boundaries have really been what I've needed. My mother in law has been very sick for the past nine weeks, which has included a heart transplant. ( a fucking heart transplant) and many near death moments. I realize now how much I can handle in a day and I'm really excited to be a doula. My studies have taken a back seat right now, and that's ok. I'm already a doula anyway ;). I don't normally write these kinds of letters, but I felt compelled to let you know that I really enjoyed the retreat and I'm thankful for you and Sondra and Doula Canada. You are an inspiration to a very busy mom.

    Busy Mom
  • Hello Ladies, I received a beautiful bracelet in the mail from Doula Canada. I don't know who sent it or why I received it or who to say thank you to 🙂 But I love it. I have been admiring the bracelets that you can put essential oils on, thinking I won't find the extra money to buy myself something I don't need and being able to justify the purchase. So it kind of means a great deal, as small as the gesture was. So thank you. I want to take a moment to tell you that I had no idea what I really was getting into when I signed up to be certified with Doula Canada. Its been a welcoming change in my life and I have only just scratched the surface. I was working in a Nursing Home and have worked quite a bit with palliative care for about 10 years. I loved my job but it was hard! Physically and mentally. So I quit to be with my own tiny babes. But I've felt lost. My babes are grown and I have been wanting to do something meaningful again, but not just any job to make money. I stumbled across this program and I am love. I like helping people and I am feeling a huge pull towards the Infant lose program. I wanted to be certified as a Doula first then dive into the Infant lose program. Its a horrible thing for someone to go through, I want to help them get through that time. Thank you for being such supportive instructors. I have joined an amazing network of women!

  • The videos on these modules for the dual stream are SO GOOD. First of all it’s great to be able to see/hear you guys especially as a home-study person and secondly so much of the content is covering stuff I was really wondering about (e.g what is meant by emotional support, and the nuances of relationship building with primary care folks). Loving it!!

  • Thank yo Thank you Thank you !!!! I logged in to the online Learning System and lost track of time 🙂 It is amazing !! Thank you so much Doula Canada ~ Dana, Dual Stream student

  • I must say, I enrolled for the holistic program and I’ve listened to the first audio introduction and OH MY I am excited!  This course is what my dreams are made of. Cannot waaaait to have these tools under my belt.  Doula Canada is incredible. I am so grateful for you!
    Rachelle Stimac Certifying Member
  • I think this is a wonderful and much needed program. I see this specialty really helping so many lives. Even as a trained midwife I learned so much!  Caylan has guided me through this entire journey and has provided me with honest and constructive feedback that I greatly appreciate.
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