​What a year Doula Canada!

If I were to summarize the year in a word it would be “new.”  New members, new instructors, new courses, new experiences, new ideas!

The team here at Doula Canada is full of gratitude for the growth and development of our organization this past year; and for the growth in the professional field of doulas and childbirth educators across this great nation.  Bravo Canada!

This year we welcomed over 1100 new Canadian students to our Doula Canada nation.  These new members, added to the remarkable response in 2016 has made us one of the fastest growing membership and in-class certification organizations in Canada.  Thank you!

We are also pleased to have welcomed dozens of new students from France, China, India, Costa Rica, Brazil, Russia, and Australia.  These students, along with our alumni in Bolivia, Luxembourg and other countries across the globe are spreading the message of compassionate support and the value of communication we take as our pillars at Doula Canada.

 Our doula family of students and alumni were not the only exciting growth we saw in 2017.  This year our team added many new members who offer a diverse range of skills and experience to our core programs at Doula Canada.  We are pleased to have welcomed Falon Martin as our newest doula instructor and Barb Matteucci as our official program coordinator for our Infant and Pregnancy Loss program.  Jillian Hand continues to steer the direction of our Atlantic Canada trainings, and we are excited for Jessica Persiel-Jones to be preparing an exciting round of trainings in Alberta for early 2018.

We are also pleased to have welcome 8 new Provincial Liaisons to our roster of support.  An amazing team of dedicated individuals who will be making provincial contacts and working to develop initiatives with Doula Canada in their respective provinces.  Welcome to Caylan Barber (BC), Laura Boucher (AB), Carma Proskie (SK), Kira Beaudry (MB), Ashley Mitchell (ON), Manon Laviolette (NB), Shandelle Meeker (NS), and Samantha Whitman (NFLD/LAB).  In 2018 we look forward to working with them to build the Doula Canada message and to welcoming new PLs for all other provinces and territories.


​This year Doula Canada become the official training for doula studies at Douglas College in British Columbia.  In partnership with Douglas College we are pleased to be offering our curriculum under the direction and skill of Sharron Gibbs and Shelley Gray.  Their experience and dedication to this field is both commendable and exciting, and we are extremely pleased to be working with them in this new relationship.

Along with a growing Doula Nation of students, instructors, provincial liaisons, and industry partners, we graduated more students in our Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Childbirth Educator program than any previous year.  Our students who have now become alumni worked diligently to complete their certification requirements and continue to be an important part of our community.  To each of you a huge congratulations on your accomplishments.  We are proud to call you part of Doula Canada.

Whoa!  What a year indeed.  We added 6 new online workshops (EU credited), our Dual Stream certification option for Labour and Postpartum doula, our Infant and Pregnancy Loss program, a partnership with Tynan Rhea in the Sex and Birth training…. *wipes sweat from brow*….. AND supported THOUSANDS of Canadian families.

Thousands of Canadian families.

No matter how far we have come in 2017 our organization as a whole is grateful for the experiences and honour of welcoming and supporting clients and the anticipating of “new.”

Love and light Doula Canada.

You seriously kicked ass in 2017, and we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds in store!!

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