In the Spirit of 2016 Rio Olympics!
Canadian Doulas kickass because…

Have you been watching any of the 2016 Rio Olympics on Facebook (let’s be honest… who watches TV anymore?!).  

The inspiring display from our Canadian swim team and Women’s rugby over the past few days has started a fun little conversation about how Canadian Doulas would fare as an Olympic sport (Hello!  We have stamina to stay up for hours on end!) AND about what makes Doula Training Canada unique as a purely Canadian run and focused organization.

Here are some of our student and alumni comments on why Canadian Doulas and DTC are specimens of unique athleticism in the world of Doulas:

“It’s all about community, eh.  A giant Olympic Doula village coast-to-coast 365 days a year!”

“Canadian Doulas are birth athletes!”

“DTC isn’t governed by a large organization.  That’s pretty rad – we haven’t sold our Doula athletes to corporate sponsorship yet!”

“Our “coaches” are wonderful.  *now please give me a pass on my verbal presentation*”

“DTC Doulas are going the distance!”

“Each of our “athletes” brings passion for their “game” and determination for “success” to their clients (sort of like a gold medal of honour around their neck!)”

“Canadian Doulas are worth their weight in Gold.”

“Canadian Doulas look really great in sports gear.  I love my track pants and runners for those long births!”

“We don’t advocate, we empower.  All the families we support are part of a team that build each other up to create strength and unity.”

“Our support goes the distance.  I don’t mean just one end of the country to the other.  I quite literally mean I am learning from a distance.  Self Study for the win!”

“We sit, stand, and squat for thee Canada!  We’re like birth gymnasts!”

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