Doula Training Canada offers services and support for persons choosing to access materials and learning materials related to doula/ birth/ postpartum/ support work.  Persons who purchase registrations and materials from Doula Training Canada sign a Terms & Conditions upon registration that acknowledges they are aware that they are purchasing an education service/ product and have read & acknowledged the cancellation policy outlined below.

*Please note:  Doula Canada follows a strict cancellation policy.  At no time will registrations for DTC programs be refunded once any materials have been accessed.  This policy is in line with our Cancellation Policy (2016) and secures the integrity of our time, experience, staffing costs, and costs to product and update learning materials.  Our policy is in line with many other training businesses that practice a strict cancellation policy and the CCPA guidelines.

Persons who have registered and have not accessed course materials may request a refund within 5 from the original registration date.  Any request made after the 5 day period, but within 30 days, will have a credit applied that can be used at a future date for any DTC program.  The credit must be used within 1 year.  $150 fee applies to any refunded amounts requested within the 5 days from original registration or within the 30 days for the request to transfer funds to credit.  This is non-negotiable.

No refunds are offered for programs or services at any time for courses where materials were accessed or were completed in full.

It is at the discretion of Doula Training Canada Inc if refunds are offered outside the above terms.

Refunds are not offered based on claims of quality, communication, support, recognition, or reputation.  Persons who purchase from Doula Training Canada Inc are purchasing access to and use of training materials.

Persons seeking a refund can email for a list of options, which include:

  • Placing their program on hold for up to one year
  • Transferring another person into their place
  • Withdrawing from the program, without refund
  • Continuing along in their program.  At this time we cannot guarantee that in-person workshops will take place due to COVID19.  Our team is closely monitoring the provincial/ territorial regulations at this time but are also subject to venue regulations or expectations.  Should an in-person be postponed we will do our best to reschedule it at a safe time for all.  Our strict cancellation policy will still apply and members should continue working on their online core curriculum and can choose to either wait for an in-person workshop in their area or take part in one of our many live/ virtual trainings.

In order to receive a certificate of completion for your training, you must attend and participate in the entire training. No partial credit will be given.

Doula Canada training candidates must be at least 18 years of age. No person under 18 years of age may attend Doula Canada training workshops.

To move forward with using the terminology “Certified Doula” you must complete all training requirements for your registered program/s, as set by Doula Canada in the month of your official start date.  

Doula Canada practices a strict cancellation policy.   

Please read our cancellation policy in full prior to registering (effective April 1, 2016).

ALL deposits, plus the associated sales taxes are non-refundable.

NOTE:  If registration has been processed and content accessed at any time or if course materials have been electronically sent or posted by mail at any time Doula Canada reserves the right to retain ALL monies paid as deposit and/or paid in full.  Students may request a refund, minus $150 administration fee, within 5 days or registration and if course content or materials have not been accessed.  A credit can be requested within 30 days from registration and must be used within 1 year from the date the credit is issued.

It is the discretion of Doula Canada to allow the registrants to transfer to another program or to allow for another person to take their space (as per policy instituted in April 2016).

If a student has requested an instalment plan to complete their registration:

All instalments made up to the date of their request (in writing) to cancel are non-refundable, including their deposit.  Registrants who no longer wish to move forward with their chosen program after making instalments can request that their registration be placed on hold for up to one (1) year, or transferred to another person (within 3 months of notifying Doula Canada of their intentions to not continue).  Any instalments made to date are NON-REFUNDABLE.  

If a student has registered through an instalment (Payment Plan) option they are responsible for finalizing ALL payments on time.  Invoices are not taken through direct withdrawal and members MUST login monthly once the posted invoice has been received via email and pay their instalment within 10 days of the invoice coming due.

If an instalment is more than 10 days overdue the member will be removed from their DTC program and any mentorship/ peer communities and their account will prepared for Third Party Collections.

Those who register with DTC through a Payment Plan recognize their responsibility and agree to make their monthly payments on time and are aware that failure to do so will result in collections action.  By registering and signing the Terms and Conditions at registration the student/ member are agreeing to these terms.  Failure to pay instalments will result in third party collections.

Regarding in-class training registrants:

Those who register with an in-class recognize that they are accessing their online materials at the time of registration and the standard/ strict refund policy outlined above applies.  5 days, minus $150 fee, to request a full refund.  30 days to request a credit that can be used within 1 years time.
If course materials are electronically accessed or are shipped prior to the in-class training the payment IN FULL is non-refundable but transferable to another person within 30 days from the written request to transfer (transfer request must be made in writing).

If a person is unable to attend a class they will not receive a refund, but can request that it be applied to a future class (one time only) or transferred to another registrant.  This request must be made in writing within 30 days of informing Doula Canada of their cancellation.

If a registrant fails to attend the scheduled class they have registered for, NO refund will be offered and a $150 fee to attend a future workshop will be charged.  If a registrant fails to show due to extreme circumstances (such as that of illness, family death, accidents, etc.), reimbursement will be at the sole discretion of the director of Doula Training Canada.

If a class does not run to do events caused by Doula Canada the registrant will be transferred to the next available/ rescheduled session but will be able to begin their certification requirements online and through their mailed course pack.  

Regarding self-study registrants:

Strict cancellation policy (5 days refund/ 30 days credit) applies.  If course materials are accessed at any time no refund is available, but a person can request a credit within 30 days from registration.

NOTE:  If course materials have been emailed or mailed at any time Doula Canada reserve the right to retain ALL monies paid as deposit or paid in full.   It is the discretion of Doula Canada whether a transfer to another program or another person will be granted.

Deposits for Self Study students are non-refundable at any time.  

Full certification fees for Self Study students are non-refundable once paid in full and course materials have been sent (electronically or in paper form).  Students may request that their Self Study certification be transferred to another person within 3 months of payment in full/ course materials being sent. It is up to the registrant to work out the details of payment with the person they wish to transfer the course to.  Doula Canada may ask for proof of payment before transferring course obligations to the new registrant. Notice of transfer must be made in writing to Doula Canada.

Please be advised that all sales are final and policies may be changed or adjusted during the course of your certification process. By enrolling with Doula Canada , you agree to abide by these changes and policies.

A $150.00 service fee is required for changing courses.


* All fees listed are in CAD.

IF COURSE MATERIALS (modules, reference guides, other learning materials) are accessed at any time but a registrant the full course fee applies and no refunds are granted.

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