Birth and Postpartum Doula Training: Empowering Your Birthwork Journey

Support parents through pregnancy, birth, and into postpartum

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So you’re interested in an IN-PERSON course? We LOVE in-person courses. It’s not that we don’t love virtual and self-directed BUT getting to hang out with other like-minded individuals, learn with several FULL DAYS of HANDS ON FUN is just plain awesomeness.

Your In-Person Course Includes: Hands-on workshops and lectures, some additional online course content to do at your own pace and tons of online resources.

No matter which course path you choose, you’ll benefit from personalized mentorship. Engage in up to two 30-minute Zoom consultations with our experienced mentors, who will guide you through every step of your doula training journey.

Recommended for

This course is ideal for anyone seeking a new career path in birthwork, individuals on their pregnancy journey, educators, counselors, healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, or those focused on reproductive health.

Upcoming IN-PERSON Training Dates & Locations

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