When you choose this course to become a student with Doula Canada you enter a unique certification stream specifically designed to allow for our students to complete our program as a Birth Doula AND a Postpartum Doula.

Turning your passion for birth work into a thriving business with a community around you to lean on for guidance.

Being the go-to doula in your area, with families reaching out to express their thanks for the positive impact you had on their lives

This course allows you to learn BOTH birth doula and postpartum doula all at once and move through the online modules at your own pace.

With 2 years to complete this program, you gain all the information and knowledge you need to start your passion today!

Why not start now!

Course Description:

Our  Birth & Postpartum Doula Self-Directed Online training offers an authentic, powerful and sustainable way for you to ignite your life’s purpose and meaning. Join us on this journey to deepen your knowledge of pregnancy, birth and early postpartum.

Learn the foundations, including:

  • Effective communication in the doula profession
  • Childbirth physiology and the birthing process
  • Coping mechanisms and how to provide additional support for birth
  • Medical options and how to support in a hospital or home birth environment
  • Postpartum support & lactation and feeding support
  • Creating successful doula business practices, contracts, and client relations
  • Advocacy and client-directed care
  • And so much more!

Gain the tools and resources to create and inspire change in yourself and your community with intention, confidence and collaboration!

  • 22 online modules
  • 200 hours of online learning
  • 2 years to complete certification
  • Recorded video
  • Recoded Lectures
  • One LIVE VIRTUAL Hands on Learning Day
  • PDFs and reading material
  • Assignments

Course Fee:

  • $1050.00 CAD (+  applicable taxes)
  • Over $300 in savings!

We do not charge annual membership or renewal fees.

Additional Fees: 

  • Private online community
  • One-on-one mentoring opportunities
  • Webinars, Live Virtual Conversations and more

Prefer to learn IN-PERSON ? 

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