Six Module Online Workshop: Babywearing 101 for Postpartum Professionals

Modern medicine is now recognizing, and proving through research, that the traditional and intuitive actions of keeping baby close to a parent or caregiver is important and beneficial; compared to not carrying our babies. Using a baby carrier on our bodies is an excellent way to keep baby close and is the safest place for baby to be. 

Tailored to professionals in the birthing community* who work with pregnant people or families with a baby; this is an introductory online course on how to use baby carriers on oneself, and to help caregivers use baby carriers on their body. You will learn, not only about how to use 6 different styles of modern carriers safely, but the history of babywearing, cultural considerations and why babywearing is valuable for both baby and caregiver.

*Professionals in the birthing community = Doulas: labour and postpartum, midwives, nurses, doctors, social workers, ECEs.

This is not a certification for babywearing educators.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the module quizzes, webinar attendance and 3 assignments.

 Taught by Rebecca Grove, postpartum doula and babywearing educator.

One-time fee : 250 $ + HST
Interested persons can register at any time and will have instant access to the course modules as soon as their registration has been processed by the DTC staff.

Questions about the course can be emailed to 


A sneak peek at your Babywearing Course modules:

  1. History – Outlining the living traditions and long history of people around the world using different methods to keep their children close, and the subsequent modernization of the traditional practice.

  1. Cultural factors – About cultural appropriation and what we need to be aware of when talking about and teaching babywearing. Past transgressions, and moving forward.

  1. Recognition of inborn benefits – How and why babies, and parents thrive physically and mentaly while babywearing. Debunking myths.

  1. Safety and other considerations – When, how and where to use carriers safely.

  1. Carriers – An outline of 6 types of carriers: woven wraps, stretchy wraps, meh dais, ring slings, buckle carriers (soft structured carriers/SSCs), pre tied stretchy wraps.

  1. How to use Carriers – Instruction on how to use the 6 carriers from module.

Modules will include an instructional video with slides as well as a downloadable transcript. Supplemental videos, articles, graphics and pictures provided.

Course is self paced with mandatory webinars to move forward.

Participants will have access to a private Facebook group for instructor and peer support, tips and supplemental content, as live webinars in which you will need to attend to move forward in the materials.

There will be a quiz at the end of the first 5 modules to demonstrate comprehension of materials.

Three (3) assignments must be finished to acquire a certificate of completion:

  1. Connect with a babywearing group or babywearing educator in your area or on-line.
  2.  One or more videos showing three (3) types of carriers, on yourself using a real baby or doll. One from each category:
  • Woven wrap or stretchy wrap

  • Bucklecarrier, with or without insert or pre-tied stretchy wrap

  • Ringsling or MehDai

3. Video showing participant helping another person using any carrier with a real baby/child.

Assignments will be submitted via upload at the end of the course.

Rebecca is a mom to her son born in 2014. While pregnant, and during the early postpartum period it became clear she wanted to help other parents find their confidence in parenting their newborns.

In late 2014 she started her journey with taking a babywearing educator workshop, and volunteering with a local babywearing help group. Helping with online inquiries, as well as helping parents in person at monthly meetups.

In 2016 Rebecca started her postpartum doula education, and gained her certificate in 2018.
Rebecca has been working with clients in their homes, as well as teaching other doulas how to babywear since.
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