This online workshop has been a long time in the making, but we are so excited to finally share our journey and our passion for living intentionally as busy doulas and support persons!

We are often asked “how did you achieve your goals in this profession” and this 6 week workshop is chalked full of introductions to how we have created mindful, intentional, and realistic daily rituals that have helped to guide us to support success!

Interested in deepening your knowledge about intentional well being and mindful business practices?

Ta-da! This course was designed for you!

Created to help you set realistic daily tasks over a six week period of time this workshop will help to mitigate the many discussions about our intentional practices, lessons in self care, discussions about mindfully creating your business, finding your passion and your purpose, and knowing when to let go.

The six modules, or weeks, have 7 lessons in each – one for each day of the week.  It is best to log in at least once a day to review the daily lesson and set aside some time for your “intentional tasking.”  We have pre-recorded all the sessions materials for your ease of use, and have included a downloadable materials, additional readings, and the options for becoming a part of a community full of essence and intention.

*Workshop qualifies for 6 EUs towards Doula Canada programs if all intentional tasks are completed*

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