Our Online, Self-Paced Workshop On IPAC For Birth Workers Will Help You Feel More Prepared And Confident Navigating Best Practices to Keep You And Your Clients Safe.

This 90 minute course will cover a wide range of topics to help Doulas, Birth Workers, Health Care Practitioners, or anyone working with families, to dive deeper into the world of Infection Prevention and Control.

Whether you come to this course with a background understanding of IPAC, or you have little experience or training, these modules will guide you through the basic building blocks on best practices specific to Birth Workers. This course uses prerecorded content, visual aids, written content, and additional links.

So, what’s inside? Some of the topics include:

  • Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control
  • Routine Practices in IPAC
  • Spread of Pathogens
  • Proper Hygiene and PPE Practices
  • Risk Assessment, Environmental and Administrative Controls
  • Practical Scenarios
  • Additional Resources

We’re always making sure that information is up to date and adding bonus material for your learning enjoyment!

Workshop qualifies for 1 EU with Doula Training Canada. A certificate of completion will be provided after passing the final quiz with a minimum 80%.


This training services as a basic introduction to IPAC for birth workers and professionals. This is not a comprehensive course. You may find that you need to take additional trainings depending on your scope of work. Public Health of Ontario and City of Toronto provide lots of resources and a free IPAC class for the general public and for healthcare workers to expand your knowledge even further. Doula Training Canada cannot be held liable for any information received in this course or for any omissions in IPAC requirements or any potential negative health outcomes for your clients. This course does not replace the recommendations of your local health department or Doctor recommendations.

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