“I am currently on week 2 of Postpartum topics. I am literally crying. Thank you so much for providing me with these tools, not only for myself but in order for me to share with others. The sex part of this workshop has spoken so close to my heart and helped me so much. I am so grateful.”

Let’s get real people!  There are a number of experiences in the weeks and months after baby is born that NEED ATTENTION. This four week online workshop will touch on important topics related to supporting clients in the Postpartum period. Topics to be discussed:

  • The Parent Sex: Relationship Transitions After Baby Arrives
  • Postnatal Mood: Trauma, Anxiety, and Your New Moods
  • Body Changes 101: What the Postpartum Body Brings
  • Sleep: The FYI On The New “Normal”

Each week will welcome pre-recorded discussions with experts in their field! Fun, right?!

Students will be able to access all of their learning materials through our online learning portal.  AND…

Will also receive a weekly downloadable workbook or resource package, as well as additional learning materials from guest speakers, Doula Canada team members, and curated online resources. An online learning community and resources to prepare you and your clients for the TRUE STORY of some of our most unspoken upon Postpartum experience.

It’s time to get real Canada. It’s time to expand our minds and our support for “Having… After Baby.”

*Workshop qualifies for 6 EUs with Doula Training Canada programs*

Total cost:  $60.

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