7 Module Online Workshop: Supporting Nutrition from Preconception to Postpartum

Doula Canada and Alisa Herriman have joined together to offer you a comprehensive nutrition course that will help you grow in your general awareness of nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum. This knowledge will position you to offer guidance through discussion with your clients. It does not position you to create nutrition programs, prescribe nutritional therapies or make recommendations to address medical concerns. The goal of this course is first and foremost to help you understand nutritional requirements for a healthy pregnancy, recovery and postpartum period of your clients. Much of the knowledge gained in this course can also apply to your personal diet as the foundational nutrition covered applies to healthy individuals and families. Included in this course are handouts and materials you can share with your personal clients. They are professionally designed by Alisa Herriman for you to share some general recommendations to help your clients support a healthy diet.

Each module is designed to help you understand a variety of Nutritional information around differing stages of pregnancy and postpartum. You will have reading assignments from the chosen text. There will be questions to answer with each module based on the information presented in the text. This will ensure you have read and understand the lessons that was taught. There will also be a short video associated with each module to help you better understand the content of text and learn how it could apply to the health and wellness of your clients. You are asked to answer the questions for each module before moving on to the next one.

  • Supplements Handout
  • 1 Week Whole Food Prenatal Meal Plan

Dietary Intake Forms (for client awareness)

What to Eat Before, During and After Pregnancy by Judith Brown. This book was chosen because it offers a scientific approach to Nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. It is an excellent foundational book from where to grow in your knowledge.  Additional reading and books recommended to clients will be listed in the resources section of this course.

*Registrant is required to purchase the required text as an additional cost*

Even though this is an online course it is important for you to have your questions answered as they come up and a place to discuss client cases and have clarity around your role when it comes to nutrition and support. Doula Canada and Alisa Herriman will provide an online forum where you can post questions and receive answers. If the questions are more of a private nature you may email Alisa Herriman directly for one on one support as it pertains to course content.

Alisa Herriman will be offering 2 interactive webinar classes annually for students of this course. Attending a live class is mandatory to complete this course. During the interactive webinar, Alisa will teach several of the key topics covered in the text in greater detail, as well as cover a case study and allow for a Q&A period. Webinar times will be posted through Doula Canada and will be 90 minutes in length.

Three case studies are included at the end of the course. These help you apply the information covered in the course. You will also be asked to submit a case study of your own. This will ensure you also understand how to stay within your scope of practice as a Doula.

  • Module One – Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition/ Fertility Nutrition
  • Module Two – First Trimester Nutrition
  • Module Three – Second Trimester Nutrition
  • Module Four – Third Trimester Nutrition
  • Module Five – Post Partum Nutrition
  • Module Six – Breastfeeding Nutrition
  • Module Seven – Case Studies, Handouts, Meal Plans
  • Module Eight – Interactive Webinar
  • Alisa Herriman RNCP ROHP CHCP
  • Alisa started working in the healthcare field in 2002. She transitioned in 2014 to pursue a career in disease prevention working as a Registered Nutritionist. She has been actively teaching Nutrition to clients in her personal practice and through speaking engagements across Canada. Alisa has more than 12 years experience working with individuals through the cancer process and is a professor at an internationally recognized Nutrition College, Edison Institute of Nutrition, where she teaches the practitioner cancer program as well as the business program.
  • One time fee of $295 plus applicable taxes
  • Payment can be made by Credit card, PayPal, or Email Money Transfer. More details on this will be sent when registration is processed.
  • Students are responsible for the purchase of required readings.
  • All payments are Non-refundable.  Please read our cancellation policy prior to registering.

*applicable taxes not included in base fee*

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