Join Doula Canada in Costa Rica for 50+ hours of Birth and Postpartum Doula training, plus a retreat that will provide connection, collaboration, and inspired passion!

Have you ever considered becoming a doula but find it hard to focus on studies in your ‘real’ life?

Maybe a Doula Retreat Training is right for YOU?!

Become BOTH a Birth AND Postpartum Doula among the luscious jungles and ocean cost of Costa Rica from February 21 to March 1st, 2025. 

Our Directors, Julia Forest and Stefanie Antunes will facilate a life changing experience to become a birth and postpartum doula.

Stefanie and Julia will guide you through discussions about doula life and business at this wonderful 7-day retreat in Costa Rica.

Nestled on an untouched Pacific coastline, where pink horizons merge with lush tide pools and the sand glistens in deep blue hues, lies a vibrant jungle kissed by ocean breezes and adorned with butterfly sanctuaries. Here, nature’s pristine beauty unfolds. Playa Azul, one of the world’s seven blue zones, provides an idyllic, personalized space for your training experience. You can relish the inviting infinity pool, unwind on beach-side daybeds, or take a few steps to reach the nearby beach. This location is the perfect opportunity for self reflection, insight, and restful rejuvenation.


Our retreats are open to all birth workers, doulas, and persons inspired by the calling to support others.

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or a newbie who’s never had the chance to dip their toes in, this spot is for YOU. We will be staying at the incredible Azul Hotel and Retreat resort in Costa Rica. It’s known for it’s amazing views, first class accommodations, and welcoming people. This wonderful training and location includes:

  • Your choice of shared or private accommodations
  • All meals during your retreat
  • Two restaurants, a bar and rest areas
  • A fully equipped gym
  • Workspaces
  • Pool and jacuzzi.
  • Play room
  • Exclusive beach access
  • Amazing waves for surf enthusiasts
  • Internet connection and fiber-optic wifi across the property
  • Complimentary surfboards for guests
  • Hammocks, daybeds, lounge chairs around the beach and pool.
  • Bicycles (additional cost)
  • In-room Spa treatments (with an additional cost)
  • Local activities

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~ Join us! Is this retreat right for YOU?

About the RETREAT

  • We will coordinate transportation from the airport to the resort on Feb 19th (approximate cost USD $50-100 depending on the number of people sharing the shuttle)
  • You may choose to arrive that day or arrive the day prior and book an additional night through the hotel directly
  • Costa Rica is a safe and beautiful location.
  • A few select additional activities will be included in your retreat stay, but feel free to book additional spa services during off-times. 

Tips for travel

  • Fly into Liberia Airport, Costa Rica
  • Choose your accommodations as soon as you book to reserve your preferred option. Prices vary from USD $$1176-$2878 depending on your preferences.
  • Your stay includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh, organic and wholesome foods. Please advise us of any dietary needs and the chefs will be happy to comply!
  • You may choose to bring some snacks for your room or dine at the restaurants outside of the group meal option, available for additional cost.

Julia Forest

Director Doula Canada

Julia is an international yoga teacher, birth doula, women’s health advocate, and closet artist who is passionate about health, environmentalism and empowered birth. She is co-creator of the Sacred Birth Yoga & Doula Training, is founding director of Awakened Spirit Yoga and co-founder of the Wellkind Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on community empowerment and wellbeing through the lens of permaculture. She also created the Sacred Earth Yoga Training, the first yoga teacher training program that combines yoga, mindfulness, permaculture and leadership to transform lives and communities.

During the past 20 years, Julia has been practicing and studying with extraordinary teachers in North America and in India and deepened her practice in several lineages such as classical hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, vinyasa, Scaravelli inspired, yoga therapy and kundalini. A solo journey to Spain sparked a 10 year pilgrimage to Rishikesh India, where she taught and studied yoga and meditation in ashrams and monasteries.

A self-proclaimed anatomy geek, she draws from more than 16 years of experience in body-centered therapies and physical rehabilitation and has taught individuals of many ages and abilities including teens, women who are pre- and post-natal, elders, as well as people living with MS, fibromyalgia, cancer, osteoporosis and chronic pain.

The emphasis in her classes is on alignment, yoga as a tool for transformation, the healing qualities of inner stillness, movement and breath for the cultivation of inner peace, health and wellbeing. Her approach is trauma informed and accessible. She teaches from the heart and creates an environment in which her students can explore and discover their inner wisdom and potential. She believes that we all have within us what we need to heal ourselves and is passionate about honoring source tradition while exploring the potential that yoga has to offer in everyday life.

Julia has been deeply influenced by her many teachers and mentors such as Thich Nhat Hahn, Jetsumna Tenzin Palmo, Monica Voss, and Judith Hanson Lasater. She offers retreats, yoga teacher training programs, anatomy and physiology intensives, and specialty workshops worldwide.


Stefanie Antunes

Director Doula Canada

Stefanie Antunes has been a Lamaze® Educator and doula since 2002, after the birth of her second son showed her just how valuable it is to be prepared for birth and to have good support around you.

Stefanie is a visionary in the childbirth field. She leads the Discover Birth organization providing a variety of services to expectant parents and training for those wishing to pursue work in the childbirth field. Stefanie is the director of public relations for the Ontario Association of Doulas, former Public Relations Director for DONA International, and sits on many local boards and coalitions to improve our communities. Stefanie is the founder of The Birth Doula Program.

Stefanie is a contributing author in the best selling Power of Women United and the book Bearing Witness: Childbirth Stories Told by Doulas. She is a regular contributing writer and blogger, and has done many interviews online and for TV/radio.

She believes that the world can be a better place if parents can have more positive childbirth experiences, allowing them to bond properly with their babies. She works tirelessly to change the world in this aspect…one family at a time.

What will you learn in the Doula Training?


  • Learn about conception and the pregnancy journey
  • Learn about normal pregnancy changes and how we can help people experiencing challenges and discomforts
  • Learn about the hormones of pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum


  • Get a deep dive on the BEST ways to support families prenatally
  • Explore a variety of activities to use in your prenatal visits with families
  • Learn the MOST effective way to do a consultation with a client to get hired
  • Review communication tools and strategies to make the most of your interactions with families and care providers


  • Learn about the signs of labour and stages of labour
  • Explore the role of the doula and how we support people through the journey
  • Delve into the 5 elements of care: emotional, physical, informational, partner support, advocacy
  • Practice hands-on skills to use in birth to help increase comfort and decrease pain


  • Learn about the various medications families will have access to in labour and birth, their benefits and trade-offs
  • Learn about the most common challenging situations and how to handle them as a doula
  • Explore the reasons for cesareans and how to support families through these experiences


  • Learn about normal newborn characteristics
  • Learn about newborn feeding and how to support families
  • Learn about perinatal health disorders


  • Explore the option of certification
  • Review all the steps to complete certification


  • Discuss how to get your first clients
  • Learn how to get started in your practice
  • Review the various options for how you can work as a doula


  • Review the history of birth
  • Learn about the history of labour support
  • Explore various issues affecting under-resourced families and how you can help
  • Learn about working with families from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and how you can level-up your support
  • Explore your own biases and knowledge gaps


  • How you can support new parents
  • What a typical day/shift looks like


  • The interconnected nature of a birth journey


  • The current issues that are impacting families
  • How you can be a force for positive change


  • Key things to look for with a newborn
  • How to communicate tips and tricks to your client


  • The importance of mental health
  • Signs to look for


  • How to communicate around loss and grief


  • Key suggestions to help your clients on their feeding journey


  • How to achieve certification through Doula Training Canada

You can turn your passion into a career as a birth professional.

If you’re feeling called to birth work you probably realize families need more support through this journey. You’re right about that!

Research shows that when a birth doula is present, births are shorter, less complicated, have fewer interventions and birthing people and babies are healthier and families more satisfied with their experience.

Do you have what it takes to become a doula?

For generations the norm has been to work in a 9 to 5 job. Or a set schedule where you “live for the weekends” and get your fulfillment outside of your career.

Well… things have changed.

Everyone is different and this old paradigm of work-life doesn’t work for all of us. We come across so many students who are looking for something different, where they can make a difference in their community.

Whether you are 21 or 61, birth work can become a part of your life. Supporting new parents through pregnancy, birth, and into postpartum is something that you can start at any stage of life – from any career you might have today. We’ve taught lawyers, doctors, nurses, stay at home parents, marketing professionals, receptionists, and even neuro-scientists. Yup. No joke. The key is having a kind heart and a passion for helping people. We help you with the rest.

Real Talk:

What is a doula anyway?

While the modern day doula profession can be traced back only about 35-40 years, the profession is of course as old as time. In most historical accounts people in labour were always surrounded by caring neighbours, friends, sisters and mothers. While one person would have been the midwife, the rest were there for support. By the time we were having babies of our own we would have attended many births. This experience helped us feel more confident about our experience.

It’s no surprise that people today are often nervous about their upcoming experience. They’ve seen dramatized TV shows and movies that depict birth as anything but its reality.

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use one”

Dr. John Kennell, co-founder of DONA International

Doulas provide 5 elements of care to support families through whatever twists and turns their journey may take. Emotional support to hold space, Physical support to provide comfort and help reduce pain, Informational support to provide the right info at the right time. Doulas are also there to support partners and other labour support members and help families advocate for themselves.

If you’re feeling called to birth work you probably realize families need more support through this journey.


“Is birth work even right for me?”

Ahh, we get this question a lot!


Working as a doula has a lot of ups and downs, like any career. But here are some of the things you might want to consider as you’re deciding if this is the right path for you:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you love to support birthing people and families in their OWN choices and decisions?
  • How much money do you want/need to make from being a doula?
  • Can you handle working on-call? (for births)
  • Do you work well with others and can you see yourself working alongside a variety of other medical professionals?
  • What is your motivation for wanting to become a doula?
  • What are your long-term plans in the field?

How much money can I make working as a doula?

Like anything in life, the amount of effort you put out is the amount of benefit you’ll get in return. We’ve seen doulas make anywhere from $0 (those who want only to work as volunteers) to $80,000 a year.

Following your passion

Working as a doula can be the most amazing experience and is such an honour to be a part of. If you are thinking this is the right path for you then we encourage you to come to our workshop!

If you feel passionate about helping birthing people and families then this could be your next dream job!


Doula Training Canada is one of the world’s leaning doula certification institutions, helping birth workers around the globe discover their passion for this work. They provide opportunities for doulas and childbirth educators to professionally develop their skills and confidence as reproductive support persons.

Established in 2001, Doula Canada has a long  history of offering quality training with a personal approach. “Certification with confidence” and evidence-based approaches to resource and skill development are two mandates of their organization. These are two of the many reasons they are a leading training for modern day doulas!

Doula Canada works tirelessly every day to improve reproductive health through the development of client-directed care and a focus on community support models. Their focus is not simply on the reproductive experiences of labour, birth, and the postpartum, but on all reproductive journey’s their clients may experience.

Training and Retreat investment:  USD$ 1176-$2878 for accommodations

Breakdown of Fees:

Training Fee


$1750 USD (Save $200 until June 30th, 2024 when paid in full)

  • Birth and Postpartum doula training (includes cost of certification)
  • Special activities
  • You will leave the training as a doula, and can begin working as a doula immediately
  • Community support
  • Guidance on additional education
  • BONUS: free lactation training (required for certification but not usually included in cost)

Accommodations – SHARED OR PRIVATE

$1176-$2878 USD

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Shared or private options
  • Choice of room (based on remaining availability)
  • All meals
  • Hot showers
  • Hot tub
  • Salt water pool
  • Spa services available at an additional fee

Instalment plans are available upon request.  All training, retreat, and certification fees must be paid in full prior to attending.

Registration fee is non-refundable but transferrable to other Doula Training Canada learning opportunities a maximum of sixty (60) days prior to the retreat start date.

Space is limited.

Registrants are responsible for the additional costs of their flights to and from Liberia Airport, Costa Rica.  Any costs associated with travel to and from Costa Rica are the responsibility of the registrant.

Room & Board (includes all meals)

  • Shared Luxury Villa – single sofa bed: $1176
  • Shared Luxury Villa – double sofa bed: $1370
  • Shared Luxury Villa – king bed: $1758
  • Shared Superior Double Garden view – queen bed: $1973
  • Shared Superior plus garden view – sofa sleepers: $1227
  • Shared Superior plus garden view – queen bed: $1503
  • Private deluxe Room Garden View – queen bed: $2878

You can do it, too. Just imagine…

Turning your passion for birthwork into a thriving business with a community around you to lean on for guidance

Being the go-to doula in your area, with families reaching out to express their thanks for the positive impact you had on their lives

A world where people journey from pregnancy to parenthood surrounded by a village of support!

Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested Central American country with coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. Its capital, San  Jose, is home to cultural  institutions like the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. Roughly a  quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle,  teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys  and quetzal birds. It’s is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world; it contains about 5% of the world’s species.

Costa Rica. The perfect place to discover you passion for birth work.

The lush wild natural environment can be experienced all throughout the country and is easily accessible to the curious visitor. Costa Rica is a safe paradise. Unlike other countries, Costa Rica enjoys a very stable political climate and economic development, providing visitors with a tranquil setting for their stay. It is one of  the few countries in the world with no army. The country and its people have a peaceful disposition, which makes for the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Costa Rica offers dreamlike  landscapes, kind people willing to share their culture and a safe country to  experience natural wonders.

Costa Rica provides the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, culture, fine cuisine and wildlife. Visitors find in Costa Rica an adventure paradise set in the most beautiful natural and safe environment. It is also the home of four World Heritage sites certified by UNESCO.

Save Your Space!  Apply now to join us in Costa Rica. Please note this is to sign-up for the course. If you need more information please visit our Contact page instead.

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