For Immediate Release: May 31, 2019 (MADOC, ON, CANADA)
Doula Training Canada© endorses the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives’ Position Statements on Evacuation for Birth, Indigenous Child Apprehensions, and Forced and Coerced Sterilization of Indigenous Peoples
The National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM) has released three position statements on evacuation for birth, Indigenous child apprehensions, and forced and coerced sterilization of Indigenous Peoples. In the position statements, NACM condemns the:
routine and blanket evacuation of pregnant people for birth and demands the return of birthing services to all Indigenous communities;
over-representation of Indigenous infants and children in child protection services across the country; and
forced, coerced, and involuntary sterilization of Indigenous Peoples.
As an ally organization to Indigenous Peoples, and as an organization that strives to do better for Indigenous families, Doula Canada officially endorses the NACM position statements. The Doula Canada’s mission is to improve perinatal, infant and family well-being by educating and supporting professional doulas in Canada and around the world. Doula Canada supports all persons in their rights to bodily autonomy and free and informed consent. We support the inherent right of Indigenous Peoples to birth in their own communities, to access safe and culturally relevant care close to home, and to restore Indigenous birth practices.
Doula Canada recognizes that we have a role to play in making doula training and doula services more accessible to Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to respectful, inclusive and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous doulas and health care providers, and the Indigenous families and communities we serve.
We acknowledge that Indigenous doulas are ideal companions for Indigenous families. To provide equitable access to doula training and to increase the number of professionally trained Indigenous doulas, we are launching an Indigenous Doula Scholarship in September 2019.
The complete position statements can be found at NACM’s website at

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