In short, no we are not.

Doula Canada is an independent organization whose Director and team members have trained with a number of organizations, sometimes not just one!  We know that this is what makes our organization special.

Our dedicated team, students and alumni have often taken trainings with other organizations and have then chosen to become members with Doula Canada, for a variety of reasons – thanks for that!

Being a Doula or Childbirth Educator in Canada is currently an unregulated profession.  Accreditation is not something that is recognized in Canada, and although other organizations may use certain letters after their names it really has very little standing in Canada.

Like the more known American companies we offer up-to-date evidence based approaches to learning.  Our organization aims to offer collegiate level certification by qualified and accredited instructors who are working to ensure Doula Canada is at the forefront of insurance and policy-makers minds in OUR country.   Oh Canada, we are proud to call you our doula home!

We offer cross-certification streams for Doulas from other organizations who are looking for unique membership and learning environment that is unmatched in this country.

We may not be one of the “big” organizations, but we are full of heart and passion!

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