Doula Canada is one of the leading Canadian doula training organizations in Canada.

We offer a supportive environment and instructional team that helps you connect with your passion and purpose of supporting your community.  We are here to help when needed.   We love to help!

When you choose our doula training programs you are choosing a program that is 100% Canadian, a program that is passionate and personal, with results-driven strategies….  and full of confidence!

You will build a relationship with your instructor and with your peers across this great nation and across the doula related field.

Your requests and needs are important to us, and we always have time to listen.

Your input is valuable and helps us to continue to shape the program.  We love to work with you to develop new programs and options for continuous learning a la doula style!

Our support does not end after your training workshop or even upon certification.  Our students become family, our alumni become friends.  One big beautiful Canadian group hug!

​We are continuously supporting and encouraging our doulas to take the next step, to be courageous, and to step into a life and career that is exciting, rewarding and filled with passion.​

*​Being a doula in North America is an unregulated profession.  No one organization or group regulates doula work, and in Canada this means that we have the honour and privilege of being a leading voice in our industry.  This means you can take your training through whichever organization you feel most meets your needs.

When the time comes that doula work becomes a regulated field, rest assured that Doula Canada certification is familiar with the process of complying with the current requirements.  We will be 100% committed to ensuring you as a student of our organization is recognized.  Until that time, we will work hard to ensure we offer quality, professional training that is current, highly professional, and enjoyable.

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