We allow each student 2 years to complete all the components for their certification, regardless of the program you choose.

The programs are designed to be completed in less time, however we recognize that with the commitment of supporting clients who may be expecting in 9 months from now, it is important to provide a time to manoeuvre.

We want this to be an enjoyable learning journey for our student body – nobody needs the extra pressure these days!

Our students have responsibilities with other job positions, children, family, and other educational experiences.   Two years is enough time to comfortably complete your student workload.

We also recognize that sometimes “life” happens and some of our students may need a little extra time.  As such we do offer extensions by request and with review by our team in full.  In the event of an extension being granted a small fee may apply, and a student may be asked to sit in on another training workshop as a refresher.

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