At Doula Training Canada our fees are inclusive.

Your one-time membership and certification fee covers:

  • Life-time membership
  • Course reference guide and certification packet
  • In-class training and online module accessibility
  • Access to our vibrant online community forum
  • Updated materials and resources as they become available
  • Administrative costs (i.e. postage for certificates or required paper work)
  • Exam fees
  • Mentorship 24/7 by our Doula Canada team

We do not charge an exam fee or a renewal fee.  We would rather see you put those hard earned doula and CBE dollars back into your business!

That being said, your one-time certification fee to Doula Canada does not include money you might spend on your books for the required readings or your educational units.  Those costs are variable and can often be made very affordable.   Canada is a big kickass country, and as such opportunities are often different region to region.  We have lots of ideas (many free) on how to gather those readings and those EU hours.

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