Yes, every three (3) years from your date of graduation date we do request that you submit documentation to update our files and show your continued dedication to updated knowledge in your field.

There is NO cost to our alumni to recertify.

Alumni are asked to submit a form, provided by Doula Canada, and accompanying documentation outlining the 12 Educational Credits (24 hours) of continued learning they completed in their three years since graduation (4 Eus, or 8 hours per a year).

There are NO recertification or renewal of membership fees.

Once you graduate you will always be a member of Doula Canada’s alumni – yay!

Simply complete the form, attached the proof of completions for the EU courses, and continue rock’in your Doula Canada self.

*Please note that Doula Canada does reserve the right to adjust these policies at any given time to meet legislative expectation.  This may apply to all students and alumni, regardless of date of training or certification.  Notification will be sent to all students and alumni should a change in company policy be amended.

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