Depending on the program you wish to certify under, some or all of the following certification requirements may be expected:

  • Attend in class training or choose to being through our self study start option.  We create choices for beginning your journey with Doula Canada!
  • Written exams – done online for all programs
  • Practical exams (for CBE program only)
  • Educational units expectations (across all programs, varied expectations depending on your chosen program or stream)
  • Certification in First Aid/CPR Level C
  • Practical support to three families with supported evaluations (labour doula, postpartum doula, dual stream)
  • Required readings with report (number of readings depend on your chosen program, typically 5 or 6)
  • Projects and assignments (all courses have a series of assignments (5 to 6) and projects (2) that must be completed)
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