*Please be advised that policies may be changed or adjusted during the course of a student certification process or an alumni recertification process. 

The grievance policy was created to ensure that Doula Canada professionals demonstrate professional behavior and ethics at all times, in accordance with our code of conduct, standards of practice, and grievance policy. It also is designed to protect our professional members, the families they serve, and the integrity of our profession.

All filed grievances will be processed by a grievance committee which will include but is not limited to the Doula Canada Director, 2 Doula Canada instructors, one outside advisory member not affiliated with Doula Canada, and one certified Doula Canada member.

Doula Canada Grievance Policy

  1. A GRIEVANCE shall be defined as an objection or complaint lodged against a Doula Canada trainer, member, or representative; arising from alleged inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour.
  2. A GRIEVANCE may be filed by any person, including but not limited to, a client, a client’s partner, a family, a nurse, a doctor, a care provider, a hospital employee, a hospital administrator, another doula, a doula trainer, a Doula Canada owner or employee.
  3.  Prior to filing a GRIEVANCE, Doula Canada  would like to assist in mediation. The Grievance Committee will make every attempt at conflict resolution. In the event the conflict is not able to be resolved, a GRIEVANCE may be filed. You will receive a response within 48 business hours.
  4. If mediation does not resolve the matter and the complainant wishes to move forward with a formal GRIEVANCE, the GRIEVANCE must be submitted in writing to the Doula Canada Grievance Committee within one year of the event or behaviour.
  5. All parties involved in the grievance procedure, including the complainant, subject, members of the Grievance Committee and all Doula Canada officers agree to keep confidential all grievances, discussions, correspondence, decisions, negotiations, conclusions and sanctions arising from the filed grievance.
  6. Deliberations of the Grievance Committee shall remain confidential. The committee shall discuss and deliberate only the facts and circumstances surrounding the grievance in question. Prior Grievance Committee decisions regarding the subject involved may be considered by the committee in its recommendation of sanctions.
  7. The Grievance Committee will endeavour to render a fair and impartial decision. The Committee’s decision is final and it will decide any sanction or penalty.
  8. Sanctions or penalties rendered by the Committee may include but are not limited to,  a warning; formal reprimand; additional training requirements; one-on-one mentorship; a probationary period; removal of credentials; removal of certification; removal of position within the organization (excluding the Director).
  9. All parties shall be notified of the decision of the Grievance Committee by certified mail. The Grievance Committee will endeavour to resolve the grievance within 60 days of receipt of the subject’s submission in response to the objection or complaint. The Grievance Committee’s decision is final.
  10. A GRIEVANCE that is not found to be in violation of Doula Canada’s Standards of Professionalism, may summarily be dismissed by the Committee with notification to all parties involved.
  11. As a requirement of certification, the Doula Canada student or alumni agrees to the above procedures and will have no right to sue for damages.  The complainant agrees to the above procedures and will have not right to sue for damages (recognizing they entered a formal agreement with the student or alumni, not the organization).
  12. This grievance policy and procedure is essential to our organization. Doula Canada  professionals must demonstrate professional behaviour and ethics at all times. These procedures provide a mechanism through which the public and community of Doulas may be protected for alleged misconduct by anyone affiliated with Doula Canada.
  13.  The outcomes of the grievance process are not public, and Doula Canada reserves the right to keep the outcome of the grievance process confidential between Doula Canada and the professional only.
  14. All Doula Canada certified professionals must agree to this system of accountability prior to entering into the certification process and agree to abide by the decisions of the grievance committee, with no right to sue for damages.


  • All grievances against Doula Canada certified professionals or students must be submitted in writing to Doula Canada and include:
    • with a detailed account of the event(s) or behavior(s) in question,
    • the name of the certified professional, the location and date(s) of the behavior(s) in question,
    • written and notarized statements from any witnesses, and any other pertinent evidence.

Doula Canada  reserves the right to request additional information/documentation to complete the grievance filed prior to notifying the certified professional. All requested information must be submitted within 30 days. Incomplete grievances or grievances that fall outside the parameters of the grievance policy may be dismissed.

  • The grievance must be filed within one year of the occurrence.
  • Grievances are to be typed and signed by all parties filing the grievance,
  • Doula Canada expects the person(s) filing the grievance to refrain from having any further contact with the professional named in the grievance, except when required by law.
  • When the grievance committee receives a complete grievance against a Doula Canada certified professional, the professional will be notified in writing within 30 days.
  • The notification to the professional will include a copy of the grievance filed. The professional then has 30 days to answer the grievance with their own account of the event(s) or behavior(s) in question. Written and notarized statements from witnesses and other pertinent evidence must all be included in the response from the Doula Canada professional. Doula Canada reserves the right to request more information to complete the response prior to rendering a decision. The professional must submit all requested information within 30 days.
  • The professional involved with a grievance must not in any way contact the party filing the grievance, except when required by law.
  • The committee will then take all evidence and accounts from both parties involved and make every effort to render a fair and impartial judgment to the best of their ability. Doula Canada reserves the right to delay the decision until the legal action has concluded, and to consider the outcome in the grievance proceedings.
  • The judgment of the committee is final. The committee has the right to decide any and all consequences of the grievance.
  • Possible results of the grievance process may include but is not limited to the removal of credentials and certification, warnings, remedial education of the professional, or dismissal of the grievance
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