There is something to be said for the passion of a career. That burning desire to jump two feet forward and give it all that you’ve got, without hestitation and compromise.

For a number of years this was my muse. My profession as a career doula has largely been driven by my passion to support others.

I love it… and I have been told that I am good at it (after hundreds of births you hope to have found your doula groove). Thank you for the vote of confidence (talking to you Mom)!

But lately my zany-zest for passionate doulaing has been replaced with a different driver….


In the quiet moments of my day I often ponder…. why do I doula? Is it still passion, or is it something more?

So, here it is, my purpose for why I doula. Perhaps you will connect with some of what I have to share. Perhaps you also ponder why you do this thing you do(ula) . . .

I Doula because . . .
I like to meet other people.

I Doula because . . .
I never wanted a boss, I wanted to command my own ship (it’s a pirate ship – I like to swear).

I Doula because . . .
My daughter. I want to inspire her with the knowledge that you have choices as a strong woman in this world.

I Doula because . . .
I want to fill my life with spontaneity. Thanks birth. You’ve got “randomness” covered.

I Doula because . . .
Postpartum depression is a real thing, and after clearing the fog on my own PPD I realized others may not find the lighthouse.

I Doula so that …
I can be home for my kids when they get off the school bus (most of the time).

I Doula so that . . .
No one has to feel that they have to go through the journey of labour and postpartum transition alone.

I Doula so that . . .
I can save up and skip the yucky winter months by heading to Costa Rica for doula retreats (buh-bye January).

I Doula so that . . .
Our Doula Canada family has another mentor. A person who is hands on and feet forward in the Canadian perinatal world.

There it is. My purpose/s. My driving forces behind being a doula 24/7, 365 days a year. Living this Doula Life.

Passion + Purpose = Potential.

We would love to hear from you! What is your Doula purpose?

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