Back in April 2017, I got this idea from a friend about doula training.  The alarms in my head started blaring and my fingers frantically raced across the keyboard trying to find a training in Newfoundland.  As I typed and erased and typed and erased some more, I finally typed in something that google understood, and Doula Training Canada came up on my screen with a training 2 weeks from that day.  Now tell me that isn’t fate!


To make matters even a little more chaotic, we had a trip booked to go to Halifax for a weekend getaway for my birthday the weekend before the training.  So I put on my “Please babe, I’ll love you forever! Can I please have another birthday gift and sign up to become a doula (insert puppy dog eyes and pouty lips)”.  To which he replied, “What the heck is a doula?”  So you can imagine how that conversation went, but he is supportive and never says I can’t do something, so off I went to register.


Things were happening in my family during that time as well.  My daughter was having a rough time in life, adjusting to a blended family, anxiety, and just not fitting in the best at school.  So we were mulling over the idea of moving and giving her, and us as a family, a fresh start.  So finding a new passion and our trip to Halifax really solidified our choice and it was that month that we set our eyes on the new love in my life and a new province to call home.

If you are reading this and thinking of moving while owning your own business, it isn’t easy, I get that!  But follow your dreams.  Daily I had so many feelings.  Feelings of guilt for taking my children away from their family and friends and wanting to make a clean start, excited for the possibilities ahead, stressed about whether we could afford to try this, sad at the thought of possibly failing, and so incredibly refreshed that for once in my life, I had truly felt like I had found what I was meant to do.  It was hard at first!  Then a friend said to me “Shandelle.  It is time to pull up those big girl panties. You were meant to do this.  So many times in your life fate has taken over and this is one of those times.  But you can do this. And if it fails you know where home is.”  Thank you to that friend for reminding me!

What is my top tip for people making the decision to move to a new community and begin again?

Do the research. 

Start making list of people you need to connect with when you get to where you need to go.  Can you contact them before you go?  What does your province need in order to be a registered business? Talk to other people in the area who will be working in the same field.  Can you partner, feed off each other or just be a rock to lean on? 

Do I miss Newfoundland?  Every. Single. Day.  We are making a new life here.  My doula life is in full swing with birth and postpartum clients, I am a part time admin assistant, and I am also Provincial Liaison for Doula Canada.  My husband is settled in his new role at work, my daughter is finding her way and making strides in becoming a beautiful young woman and we are beginning to find our new normal.  Moral of the story?  Pull up the big girl panties and follow your dreams! 



Shandelle is the owner of Blossom and Birth Doula Services in the Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding area.

She has a passion for supporting her community and as such sits on a number of boards and committees that are directed toward maternal and infant well being.

At Doula Canada we are proud to call her a team member – she’s our Provincial Liaison for Nova Scotia and for the time being PEI.

Check out her services at Blossom and Birth Doula Services

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