This statement was recently sparked by a family member who made a comment about doulas. “You think everyone should have a doula,” said my cousin-in-law (a fantastic RN in L & D).


Do I?

As the Director of a Canadian certification organization for Doulas and Childbirth Educators this statement seems face-value. Director + Doula Canada = everyone should have a doula.

Au contrarie mon amie.

An important tool we set precedent on at Doula Canada is the importance of removing bias. Knowing where our emotional reactions (insert bias) lay is an important discovery into well-rounded and professional “doula support solutions.”

So, here it is. The shocking doula statement du jour….

Not everyone needs a doula.
*insert gasps and dropped jaws*

Could most people benefit from a doula? Absolutely! Science has proven that shiz.

However, benefitting and NEEDING are two very different things.

A person who has a well-prepared partner does not need a doula. Could the partner benefit from the doula? Most likely. It’s all about teamwork!

A person who does not want to consider birthing options or alternatives, does not need a doula (they could benefit from one, but that is a different story birthy friends).

A person who is scheduling a repeat caesarean does not need a doula. They, for the most part, know what to expect. Could they benefit from extra support? Perhaps. Mind meets matter here.

A person who feels confident in their birthing environment and primary care does not necessarily need a doula.


Birth, without a doubt, is the most unpredictable human experience.

A doula may not be needed, but our clients certainly benefit (emotionally, psychologically, and physically – proven by science) from our models of support. It is our non-medical care solutions and our ability to communicate in those moments our clients feel they can benefit from our goal of meeting their needs.

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