As the Director of Doula Canada I am beyond excited for what is to come in 2018; and for our great Doula nation!

After all, is there anytime more inspiriting than turning the page on a new calendar and peeking at the 365 blank days ahead?

I think not!

The excitement of those blank pages lies in the knowledge that we will be welcoming new members, graduating new alumni, supporting new families, having deep conversations, and pushing forward with the dream of doula support and education for any family who cares to share in the benefits our field can offer.

Our Doula Canada calendar for the New Year is ambitious; and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

For 2018 our goal is to pair opportunity and ambition with holistic fulfillment.  We plan to do this by offering programs never before offered by a doula training certification and membership organizations, creating new provincial/territorial initiatives to strike up communication and awareness about our field, and finding time for some fun too!


We love fun at Doula Canada (our 4th pillar, right after compassion, communication, and chill the eff out).

You will soon notice a new website where students will be easily found by potential clients in their respective communities.  We will be launching our online Learning Centre where students can continue to learn through course specific modules, free templates, video, audio, and online discussion forums.  We will be hosting our first ever Annual General Meeting and Team Retreat, making plans for Purely Doula retreats across Canada, and hosting weekly Facebook Lives where you can connect with experts in their fields.

This year we have also partnered with Tynan Rhea to offer her Sex & Birth training – a 8 week online training that is sure to open your eyes to this important topic in new parents live.  Wait, there’s more!  We are also incredibly humbled to be welcoming Barb Matteucci, alumni and now Program Coordinator for our national Infant and Pregnancy Loss training (dates in most provinces for 2018).

Labour, Postpartum, Educator, Loss, Continued Learning…. and more!

For the new year our team will also be announcing non-profit goals we have set as an organization.  A percentage of each registration in any core course after February 1 will be donated back to a provincial/ territorial charity that works to support new families or infants in some capacity.  We are grateful for your support Canada, and now we are choosing to use the opportunities you have granted us to give back.  Keep your eyes open for further details and our first provincial charity announcement (rotated each month to a new province or territory).

So, as we enter a new year across this beautiful terra firm remember that there are 12 new chapters, 365 new chances, 1440 minutes each day, and thousands of Doula Canada members here to help you along the way.

This will be a good year.

​Director, Doula Canada

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