Our Perinatal Educator (PE) program provides a comprehensive and engaging educational experience meant to prepare you as a strong educator in your community!

This collegiate designed program offers the opportunity to learn pedagogical skills, gain confidence as an adult educator, and become an expert in a wide range of perinatal topics related to pregnancy, labour, birth, infant care, and the postpartum experience.  By the end of this program you will be more than prepared to share with your clients and your community!

In our Perinatal Educator program you will complete the program by developing your own prenatal curriculum; specific to your community and teaching goals!

If you are ready to show your teaching skills to the world….Perinatal Educator is for you!

*Note: this program was previously called “Childbirth Educator” and you may see some of the previous language used as we switch over to our new designation of “Perinatal Educator.”  Thanks for being kind 24/7!

Step #1:  Register!
All of your PE curriculum is found online through video lessons, audio lessons, templates, articles, created chapters, and certification assignments or tasks.

The module tasks are a series of small assignments that are meant to grow your confidence and skill in a variety of antenatal topics.

Students are able to “test the waters”of PE course development, components of educational communication, and community outreach considerations.

Step #2:  Rock your core assignments!

For the PE CORE Certification assignments students will:

  • Complete a one (1) day PE workshop in a city of their choosing with one of our PE Expert Trainers, or request a one-on-one online workshop (total 10 hours)
  • Complete 9 PE Curriculum assignments with accompanying texts*
  • Completion of 10 Educational Units in related topics (4 in breastfeeding)
  • Complete a curriculum outline of their intended prenatal course/ workshop
  • Complete a proctored theoretical exam (online)

Students are provided a two year certification timeframe to complete all required assignments and tasks.

*Prices do not include tax.  Students are responsible for purchasing their required readings (5 in total).

Our program will help you deepen your knowledge and experiences related to Perinatal Education, build your confidence as a teacher, and open doors for opportunities related to birth and postpartum work!

Total Cost:  $500, one-time fee includes online modules, in-person workshop, exam, mentorship, grading, and inclusion to Doula Canada communication and online events.

Additional costs:
$150 approximate cost for required readings
$100 approximate cost for Educational Unit credits

Total cost to become a Perinatal Educator, approximately, $700*

*Cost does not include applicable tax.  Educational unit pricing is individual and can be less or more of the estimated cost.

  • Canadian developed, internationally focused
  • No annual membership or renewal fees
  • A dedicated team that takes time with each student as requested
  • Our mandate is to create only the most confident doulas and childbirth educators
  • A passionate family of thousands of Doulas and CBEs who are available 24/7 via our online community
  • ​Self study start and In-class options available
  • Online access to resources, learning modules, and continuing education
  • Collaborations that facilitate international connections at home and abroad
  • One time fee of $500 plus applicable taxes
  • Minimum deposit due at time of registration if student does not choose to pay in full, balance can be made in instalments (3 or 6 month option available at time of registration); student can begin once 50% has been finalized.
  • A $50 late fee will be applied to registrations and/or payment received less than 14 days before training.
  • Payment can be made by Credit card, PayPal, or Email Money Transfer. More details on this will be sent when registration is processed.
  • Self study start is available.  Don’t see an in-class training in your area? Begin at any time with our online modules and join an in-class when you can.
  • All deposits are Non-refundable.  Please read our cancellation policy prior to registering.

*applicable taxes not included in base fee*

Doula Canada cannot guarantee that scheduled in person workshops will take place.  Due to the changing regulations and restrictions in each province and venue workshops may have to be postponed at the last minute.

If a workshop is postponed all registered members may take part in a preferred virtual session of their choice in order to move forward in their certification and participate in a in person workshop when it can next be safely rescheduled.
There are no reimbursements on programs if a workshop is cancelled.  We appreciate your understanding that our team at DTC is doing our best to ensure we create a dynamic and safe opportunity to learn.

Join Doula Canada for two days of virtual learning!

Our certification programs are now live and online.  Dynamic, engaging, and 100% from the comfort of your own safe space!

The online workshops cover all of the materials covered in our typical two day “in-person” workshop and will allow our members the opportunity to sit and hold space with our experienced team of instructors.  Members will also receive a file of DTC made tutorial videos on a variety of techniques and tips!

Workshop will be held via Zoom or Google Classroom.  Login details will be sent the week prior to the Virtual Workshop date.

Regular certification rates apply and members can request to join a physical in-person workshop when we are next in their area (no additional cost applies).

*Those who register for the Dual Stream (Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula) will take part in 2 separate virtual trainings.

*Those who register for the Triple Stream (Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Educator) will take part in 3 separate virtual trainings.

OR you may want to consider our 12 Week Perinatal Intensive!  12 weeks of online learning, live webinars (1 per week), and deep mentoring along the way.

If you have questions, concerns, wish to switch to a virtual session, or wish to be placed on a postponement/ reschedule list please email info@doulatraining.ca

Self Study

You can choose to start this course this online!

Upcoming Training Dates & Locations

Oct 18


October 18 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT
London Ontario
Nov 15

Perinatal Educator I VIRTUAL I November 15

November 15 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Nov 21


November 21 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm NST
St John's Newfoundland
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