Doula Canada is taking our training Internationally for 2019!

By request we will be planning and hosting trainings in Ireland, Costa Rica, and India.

Interested in hosting Doula Canada in your great nation?

Email us at and we will begin to collaborate in an effort to make it happen.

Our trainers have over 15 years of experience navigating the doula world, both in their home countries and abroad.  They bring with them the skills and knowledge of creating a successful doula career, working alongside other professionals, and transferring compassionate support models to all different types and traditions of postpartum transitions.

Our doulas work through practical, hands-on, modalities and lessons during our one day comprehensive training.  A training that is sure to prepare you for supporting clients, no matter what country you reside!

Canadian developed, internationally focused!
Our trainers have worked in alongside clinics around the world.

We also offer:

  • No annual membership or renewal fees
  • A dedicated team that takes time with each student as requested
  • Our mandate is to create only the most confident doulas and childbirth educators
  • A passionate family of hundreds of Doulas and CBEs who are available 24/7 via our online community
  • ​Self study start and In-class options available
  • Online access to resources, learning modules, and continuing education
  • Collaborations that facilitate international connections at home and abroad

Some of the essential topics covered in all of our expert trainings include:

  • The benefits of compassionate support; evidence-based approach
  • Physiology, psychology, and support models to facilitate strong families
  • Scope of practice for doulas and childbirth educators
  • Breastfeeding and Feeding Solutions and best support practices
  • Mood concerns and community resources
  • Newborn care and procedures
  • Creating success in your new business
  • Becoming a confident doula or educator; unique skill sets and you
  • And so much more!

Doula Canada will aim to minimize international student costs and maintain our one-time fee of ​$450 for full certification.  Our organization reserves the right to set a minimum number of registrants required to host any training.  Requests to host a training below the international minimum may result in increased fees, as discussed with the intended country of training.

Important fee information:

  • No annual renewal fees for international students
  • Books and educational unit costs are not included
  • $50 administrative cost will apply to any students wishing to have their course materials mailed outside of Canada prior to their in-class workshop
  • One time fee covers course Reference Guide, exam and assignment administration and marking, instructor fee, administrative costs, certificate shipping, membership into an exciting peer network, mentorship, and fun!

Depending on the program you wish to certify under, some or all of the following certification requirements may be expected:

  • Attend in class training or choose to being through our self study start option.  We create choices for beginning your journey with Doula Canada!
  • Written exams – done online for all programs
  • Practical exams (for CBE program only)
  • Educational units expectations (across all programs, varied expectations depending on your chosen program or stream)
  • Certification in First Aid/CPR Level C
  • Practical support to three families with supported evaluations (labour doula, postpartum doula, dual stream)
  • Required readings with report (number of readings depend on your chosen program, typically 5 or 6)
  • Projects and assignments (all courses have a series of assignments (5 to 6) and projects (2) that must be completed)
  • One time fee of $450 plus applicable taxes
  • $150 deposit due at time of registration, balance can be made in instalments (3 or 6 month option); student can begin once 50% has been finalized.
  • A $50 late fee will be applied to registrations and/or payment received less than 14 days before training.
  • Payment can be made by Credit card, PayPal, or Email Money Transfer. More details on this will be sent when registration is processed.
  • Self study start is available.  Don’t see an in-class training in your area? Begin at any time with our online modules and join an in-class when you can.

*applicable taxes not included in base fee*

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Fri 26

Labour Doula I Belfast Northern Ireland I April 26-27

April 26 @ 9:00 am - April 27 @ 5:00 pm EDT
Belfast Northern Ireland
Sun 28

Postpartum Doula I Belfast, N. Ireland I April 28-29

April 28 @ 9:00 am - April 29 @ 5:00 pm EDT
Belfast Northern Ireland
Tue 30

Infant and Pregnancy Loss I Belfast, Northern Ireland I April 30

April 30 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT
Belfast Northern Ireland
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