“At first I thought taking on all three programs may be too much.  I was totally wrong!  By combining the programs it has streamlined my process and has also allowed me to develop my full business model at the same time.  So happy I chose this route to certification!”

“I look forward to getting virtual info re the classes for which I registered!   The PE virtual class worked well yesterday.   I appreciate all the work the team has done during this challenging time.  It is evident to me how your hearts in are in this – it’s more than a job – I am honoured to be a member of a great organization.  ~ Angela, Triple Stream student”

Becoming a Triple Stream student with Doula Canada creates the opportunity to complete THREE programs over a two year period.  Graduates of this program will walk away with a certificate as a Labour Doula, a Postpartum Doula, and as a Childbirth Educator.*

WHY do many of our members choose this option?

  • Comprehensive certification requirements without repetitive content
  • A cost and time saving process (save approximately $550 saved)
  • Thorough and experienced mentorship via phone or email
  • Access to a virtual or in-person training for EACH of your programs
  • No additional exam fees
  • A full-bodied approach to building your client list in both streams
  • Online access to instructors and students coast-to-coast
  • 6 years of certificates in a 2 year timeframe (or less; programs are designed as 3-6 month programs at 4-8 hours per module)
  • A one-time membership fee (no bi-annual renewal costs!)Students will work through the Doula programs as one set of modules and the Educator program as another set.  This allows students the opportunity to use different learning lens and criteria to fully develop their skills in those two modalities.*Triple Stream is typically Labour Doula AND Postpartum Doula AND Perinatal Educator, however a person may register for any THREE programs of their choice.   Simply make a note in the COMMENTS section of your registration form and our team will take it from there!

Triple Stream students will complete a total of 14 combined modules for the doula programs and the perinatal educator program).

Students can begin at any time and work at their own pace.

When you have completed the program you will have everything you need to support clients in your community, as well as a strong prenatal curriculum designed by yourself!

Our comprehensive course curriculum and highly experienced mentors will help you deepen your knowledge about doula essentials and educator skills, such as:

  • Effective communication in the doula profession and field of adult education
  • Childbirth physiology and the birthing process
  • Natural coping mechanisms and how to provide additional support for a natural childbirth
  • Medical options and how to support in a hospital or home birth environment
  • Holistic support solutions and how to provide community supports
  • Postpartum physiology and the recovery process
  • Postpartum relationships, nutrition for the family, and healthy habits
  • Providing breastfeeding support and other feeding options
  • Postpartum mood concerns and support
  • Supporting infants and families with unique needs
  • Advocacy, support, and client-directed care
  • Creating successful business practices, contracts, and client relations
  • Interactive learning and effective learning practices
  • Needs assessment and curriculum development
  • And so much more!

Members are granted instant access to online modules and learning materials as soon as their registration is processed.

Our programs aim to be cultural aware, diverse, and inclusive. 

Each member has 2 years to complete the following certification requirements:

  • Complete all designated online modules
  • Achieve a minimum grade of 80% on all module quizzes
  • Provide birth AND postpartum support to THREE families and submit evaluations from the families (form provided by DTC).  In-person and virtual support are recognized.  Students have the option of alternate assignment/s during this time to complete their practicum (at students discretion).
  • Complete 3 readings of your choosing, with a one page review
  • Complete 6 community or topical assignments for the Doula stream component
  • 2 business projects (one verbal, and one online presence)
  • Obtain 10 approved Educational Units and provide a written summary about your experience (4 EUs must be related to infant feeding)
  • Complete the practical exam for the Educator program (development of syllabus and outline of a prenatal course)
  • Achieve a minimum grade of 80% on an online final examination (proctored)

​​Cost of educational units and books are not included in registration fee.
Doula Canada does not charge any outside fees, membership fees or recertification fees.

Our Triple Stream program is set at a one-time membership and certification fee of ​$1150 (+ tax) for full certification.

*We do not charge annual membership or renewal fees.  This is a ONE TIME fee.

Your tuition fee will cover:

  • Student reference guide material and certification packets (online)
  • Access to online learning modules, resources, and continuing education options
  • Exam fees (2)
  • Assignment grading and review
  • Instructor fee (in-person workshops, 24 hours total)
  • Online and phone mentorship (as requested)
  • Attendance at one workshop for EACH of your programs (virtual or in-person available)
  • Administrative costs
  • Alumni packages and shipping upon completion of program
  • Membership into an exciting Canadian peer network!

The cost of required readings (3 total) and the cost of educational unit workshops for EU credits are additional costs to the student.
Approximate costs for books: $60-80  (check libraries for free copies!)
Approximate costs for EU workshops: $150 to $300 (there are many free options we can suggest).

  • Canadian developed, internationally focused and practiced
  • No annual membership or renewal fees
  • A dedicated and highly experienced team that takes time with each student, as requested
  • A mandate is to create only the most confident doulas and childbirth educators
  • A passionate family of thousands of Doulas and CBEs who are available 24/7 via our online community
  • ​Self Study start and or Workshop start options available
  • Online access to updated resources, learning modules, and continuing education
  • Collaborations that facilitate international connections at home and abroad
  • Recognition by associations, insurance companies (liability and employee benefits), our diverse membership, and industry stakeholders.  We get things done at DTC!
  • One time Triple Stream fee of $1150 plus applicable taxes applies.*
  • Minimum deposit due at time of registration if student does not choose to pay in full, balance can be made in instalments (3 or 6 month option available at time of registration); instalments are invoiced once a month and students must login and make payment within 10 days.
  • A $150 fee will be invoiced if a member registers for a workshop but chooses to cancel with less than 30 days notice or does not show up to the event.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or email money transfer.
  • Self study start is available.  Don’t see an in-class training in your area? Begin at any time with our online modules and join an in-class when you can.  Simply email info@doulatraining.ca
  • All fees are non-refundable.  Doula Canada practices a strict cancellation policy in order to safeguard our learning materials and ensure the integrity of our programs is upheld.  Please read our cancellation policy prior to registering.

*applicable taxes not included in base fee*

*Please note:  Please review our COVID19 policy as we cannot guarantee that in-person workshops will take place.  Our team is closely monitoring the provincial/ territorial regulations at this time but are also subject to venue regulations or expectations.  Should an in-person be postponed we will do our best to reschedule it at a safe time for all.  Our strict cancellation policy will still apply and members should continue working on their online core curriculum and can choose to either wait for an in-person workshop in their area or take part in one of our many live/ virtual trainings.

Doula Canada cannot guarantee that scheduled in person workshops will take place.  Due to the changing regulations and restrictions in each province and venue workshops may have to be postponed at the last minute.

If a workshop is postponed all registered members may take part in a preferred virtual session of their choice in order to move forward in their certification and participate in a in person workshop when it can next be safely rescheduled.
There are no reimbursements on programs if a workshop is cancelled.  We appreciate your understanding that our team at DTC is doing our best to ensure we create a dynamic and safe opportunity to learn.

Join Doula Canada for two days of virtual learning!

Our certification programs are now live and online.  Dynamic, engaging, and 100% from the comfort of your own safe space!

The online workshops cover all of the materials covered in our typical two day “in-person” workshop and will allow our members the opportunity to sit and hold space with our experienced team of instructors.  Members will also receive a file of DTC made tutorial videos on a variety of techniques and tips!

Workshop will be held via Zoom or Google Classroom.  Login details will be sent the week prior to the Virtual Workshop date.

Regular certification rates apply and members can request to join a physical in-person workshop when we are next in their area (no additional cost applies).

*Those who register for the Dual Stream (Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula) will take part in 2 separate virtual trainings.

*Those who register for the Triple Stream (Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Educator) will take part in 3 separate virtual trainings.

OR you may want to consider our 12 Week Perinatal Intensive!  12 weeks of online learning, live webinars (1 per week), and deep mentoring along the way.

If you have questions, concerns, wish to switch to a virtual session, or wish to be placed on a postponement/ reschedule list please email info@doulatraining.ca

Self Study

You can choose to start this course this online!

Register today and receive instant access to your online modules and our vibrant international community.

Upcoming Training Dates & Locations

If you would like to take the booster workshop (in-class training or virtual) please choose from the following available dates of either our Labour Doula, Postpartum Doula OR Childbirth Educator courses.  You may choose the ‘Triple Stream’ ticket option ($1100).

By making this selection you will be choosing the first course you would like to attend with DTC. If you choose to do an in-person course for the other components of your certification we would be happy to add you to an upcoming training days by receiving your request at info@doulatraining.ca.  No additional fees apply when you request to join a workshop at a later date in time.

Labour Doula – 2 days
Postpartum Doula – 2 days
Childbirth Educator – 1 day

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