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Mother Earth is rich with the bounty of healing herbs!

Long used in every culture throughout the world, plant wisdom has long been used to treat physical, emotional, and mental concerns.  The magic of the healing art through plants has waxed and waned, but its tradition lives on through modern support persons interested in carrying forth their power and importance.

During this course you will learn how to support the reproductive journey from adolescence to post menopause through the power of plants.

Plant power for the win!

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity.”

~ Hippocrate, herbalist and considered founder of modern medicine

What can you expect from the Reproductive Herbalist training?

This course will be divided into 8 modules with a variety of topics related to your introduction to Reproductive Herbalism.

  • Module quiz to test skills and knowledge
  • 3 module assignments
  • 1 core video project/ presentation

There will be a total of two (2) pre-recorded lectures, which will be found in your online module system.  You will have access to your Group and Forums feature to post questions and comments about the materials presented, or you can reach out to your instructor to schedule some 1-on-1 time.

There is no required reading for this program but students will receive a module workbook for each module, a DTC prepared materia medica, and may speak to the instructor about recommended readings.

The cost of the program will include your module materials (electronic copies for PDF link access), mentoring and online meetings, phone and email support, grading, foraging scissors, and herbal field journal.

Note:  No Indigenous knowledge is shared within this course.  Materials are created from common knowledge on herbal use and preparation, and within the scope of practice of personal or unaccredited use.  Themes may draw on the field of knowledge used by herbalists fro many backgrounds and emphasis will be placed on the instructors own ancestry and ancestral knowledge.

What will this course explore?

As an introduction to the tangible process of plant power, our Reproductive Herbalism course will introduce students to:

  • Identification practices and Latin names
  • Contraindications and warnings
  • Scope of practice
  • The science of medical herbalism
  • Energetics
  • Properties
  • Tools and safe preparation

Reproductive experiences that will be discussed:

  • Adolescence, the onset of menstruation, changing hormones
  • Childbearing years, reproductive anatomy and plant healing
  • Pregnancy and birth, healthy and safe options for well-being
  • Postpartum, healthy and safe options for well-being
  • Menopause, common concerns and available herbal options
Course structure:

Total time to complete the full program:  Approximately 12 weeks

8 modules with assignments (4-6 hours per a module)

Time for creation and submission of the final project

This is a self-directed program and expiry to accessing the course content is set at one (1) years time.  After a year the student will no longer have access to the program and will be asked to register again in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Module Topics:

Modules for this 8 module course will be:

Module I:  An Introduction to plant power, herbalism, scope of practice & medical herbalism

Module II: The art of plant and herbal preparation, energetics, and defining plant properties

Module III:  A New Moon:  Adolescence

Module IV: First Quarter Moon:  Childbearing years, reproductive anatomy & plant healing

Module V:  Complications & Care in the childbearing years

Module VI:  Full Moon: Pregnancy and birth, healthy and safe options for well-being

Module VII:  Postpartum, healthy and safe options for well-being

Module VIII:  Last Quarter Moon: Perimenopause &  Menopause, common concerns & available herbal options

Workshop fee:

Our introduction to Reproductive Herbalism course is set at a one-time fee of ​$350 (+ tax).

The fee includes access to our DTC module system and materials, online meetings and mentoring, foraging scissors, DTC herbal field journal, grading, instructor fee, access to our DTC community, and a certificate of completion upon meeting all course requirements.

Why choose DTC?
  • We are Canadian developed but internationally focused
  • No annual membership or renewal fees
  • A dedicated team that takes time with each student as requested
  • Our mandate is to create  confident practitioners, through a variety of interests, philosophies, and teaching strategies
  • We offer a passionate family of thousands of Doulas and CBEs who are available 24/7 via our online community
  • ​Self-study start makes it easy to dive in!
  • Online access to resources, learning modules, and continuing education
  • Collaborations that facilitate international connections at home and abroad
The Small Print:
  • One time fee of $350, plus applicable taxes (non-refundable, strict cancellation policy applies)
  • Minimum deposit due at time of registration.  If student does not choose to pay in full, balance can be made in instalments (3 month option available at time of registration).
  • Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or Email Money Transfer. More details on this will be sent when registration is processed.

*applicable taxes not included in base fee*

You are welcome to register at any time at the link below:

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