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Supporting families in the transition to parenthood 

“Is becoming a Postpartum Doula right for me?”

Have you ever considered a career as a postpartum doula and thought to yourself

“Where do I even begin?”

If you’ve been in the same career for a while, it can feel daunting to consider doing something new. But then you see others who are starting new journeys, launching a side hustle, and finding something they are passionate about.

And you’re wondering how to make that a reality for you. How do you find a job that is both emotionally and spiritually fulfilling while also giving you financial stability.

You’re thinking – I don’t have the time. I’d love to try something new but where would I even start. How long would it take? How much would it cost? What’s the process?

Real Talk:

What is a postpartum doula anyway?

A postpartum doula is specially trained to assist new parents during those crucial first weeks and months when a newborn arrives. Historically, upon the arrival of a baby, entire communities and villages would help support the parents as they made this significant transition in their life. Today, parents will sometimes have support from family and friends, but it’s often not enough.

That’s where a postpartum doula comes in. Through coaching and education, new parents can build confidence in their skills and ability to handle and embrace this new challenge. Overnight support from a doula can ensure parents are getting the rest they need to stay on track.

“Becoming a parent will be the biggest adventure of our lives. It’s helpful to have an experienced guide who knows the terrain”

-Stefanie Antunes, Co-Director

Doulas provide a variety of care to support families through whatever twists and turns their journey may take. Emotional support to hold space for big feelings. Physical support to help take the load off. Informational support to build confidence. Doulas also support partners and other family members, so their roles can be enhanced and they can learn in THEIR own way as well. Doulas also are experts in the community, providing all the best Referrals to anything else parents might need.

If you’re feeling called to this work you probably realize

that new parents need more support

than they are getting today

Train with a recognized organization

You may be wondering how you’ll choose which doula training to attend when you’ve found dozens out there! When I first became a doula 20 years ago there were 4 training organizations that I could find. There are now over 200!

It can be challenging to know which one will be right for you. You want to take the best training available at the best price possible.

How can you choose? Here are some things to consider:
– How long has the organization been in operation?
– Who owns it?
– Is it being run by one person or a board of directors/advisors?
– How recognized is it in your area?
– What are your priorities (topics, cost, location, trainer, etc).

Doula Canada is a internationally recognized organization that has helped thousands of students follow their passion for birth work. We think you’ll be in good hands with us but we’re always happy to chat with you and answer any questions to ensure we’re the right fit for you.

Ahh, we get this question a lot!

How much money can I make working as a doula?

Like anything in life, the amount of effort you put out is the amount of benefit you’ll get in return. We’ve seen doulas make anywhere from $0 (those who want only to work as volunteers) to $80,000 a year.

Following your passion

Working as a doula can be the most amazing experience and is such an honour to be a part of. If you are thinking this is the right path for you then we encourage you to come to our workshop!

If you feel passionate about helping birthing people and families then this could be your next dream job!

Interested in BOTH birth and postpartum doula?! We have an option for you.

Our Birth & Postpartum Training program will deepen your confidence in compassionate support and “best birth and postpartum practices.” Offering you both certifications at the same time !



  •  can support new parents
  • What a typical day/shift looks like
  • the interconnected nature of the birth journey
  • Newborn care and behaviour
  • Strategies for supporting families through the early postpartum period
  • importance of mental health and wellness
  • Signs to look for
  • supporting your client and baby through there infant feeding journey
  • understanding the variety of feeding options and tools for support
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