Doula Canada Infant Feeding Props Kit (exclusive!)


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A kit exclusively designed by Doula Canada trainers and experienced doulas for discussing chestfeeding and infant feeding.

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Our Infant Feeding Props Kit – exclusively designed by Doula Canada – is full to the brim with fun materials for demonstrating and discussing many topics related to feeding baby.

Laminated infographics, breast props, discussions about breastmilk and formula, and unusual activities for demonstrating latch and feeding success are all included in this handy little tool kit!

Each kit includes:
– Laminated Doula Canada lanyard and stomach card
– Laminated Doula Canada anatomy chart (double-sided)
– 10 laminated infographics – updated with inclusive language & images
– True or False bodyfeeding card game (set of 10 cards)
– Doula Canada nipple cream recipe card
– Stomach size bottle prop
– Stomach size teaching “balls”
– Props demonstrating gland and nipple anatomy

All supplies are shipped in a reusable tote for easy transportation and use.

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