Doula Canada – LONG Pullover Hoodie

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You’re going to rock this Doula Canada hoodie!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Full coverage and comfort with our Doula Canada long-sleeve pullover hoodie, sporting our hallmark Circle of Love logo.

This slim fitting hoodie is the epitome of doula comfort, with full coverage down to (and over!) the bottom, as well as a super soft quality that is sure to make you feel cozy at home or on the go.

Do we love this one?  Oh YES WE DO!

Currently available in Heather Grey, as shown in image gallery.

*please ensure you check out the sizing chart, as this hoodie does fit small (1 size up is recommended).  Don’t find a comfortable fit?  Why not try our Doula Canada zip hoodie on for size?

Premium quality blank fleece
Silicone wash for soft feel
Adjusted fit, Raglan sleeve