Doulas for Reconcili-ACTION – Webinar


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Take time to reflect this National Truth and Reconciliation Day with EDI Co-Lead Kayt Ward, BSW at our first Doulas for Reconcili-ACTION workshop. Reconcili-action is a term coined by Elder Dr. Wilton Littlechild, that emphasizes the importance of taking reconciliation from ideology to action.
Doulas for Reconcili-ACTION is a new program and part of our Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan. The program is designed for non-Indigenous doulas to have difficult conversations about race, privilege, oppression, power, decolonization, allyship and more in a brave space format. It encourages students to analyze their internal belief systems and lived experiences, to rise above and take the plunge into radical allyship and reconciliation. Are you up for the challenge?
The first workshop is going to be “Who Am I? Locating Oneself in Settler-Colonial Canada: A Conversation on Privilege, Oppression, and Allyship” on September 30th from 1-3 PM EST on Zoom.

The standalone webinar will be $30 CAD and more launched throughout the year.

100% of the proceeds go to Aunties on the Road, an unaffiliated Indigenous doula organization in Eastern Ontario. 
Aunties on the Road provides full-spectrum doula support to Indigenous youth (12-30) living on traditional Algonquin and Mohawk territories in Eastern Ontario. Building on the traditional role of aunties in Indigenous communities, Indigenous doulas centre traditional and spiritual practices and beliefs associated the full-spectrum of pregnancy experiences, including abortion, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and stillbirth, as well as puberty and menstruation, in providing emotional, physical and spiritual support to Indigenous youth. Recognizing that Indigenous youth face multiple levels of oppression in accessing care associated with sexual and reproductive health, doulas also act as powerful advocates and allies, to ensure the rights and wishes of Indigenous youth are respected and honoured in these systems” -AOTR