Infant and Pregnancy Loss Certification


*Students are able to register and begin their certification process with Doula School Canada immediately. Upon registration you will receive an email with next steps, an invitation to our online community, and information about your IPLS assignments and certification requirements.


25% of people experience loss at some point in their fertility journeys. The field of perinatal loss is a vast landscape covering preconception and assisted conception issues, early and late miscarriage, abortion including genetic/medical termination, prematurity, stillbirth and neonatal death. 

Perinatal loss is more than the loss of a baby.  Perinatal loss is the loss of a relationship. The loss of dreams and hopes.  Subsequently, feelings of shame, guilt, isolation, and disenfranchised grief are common when perinatal loss is present.

The goal of this course is to provide support persons with the resources, tools and support to work with families across the vast spectrum of perinatal loss. 

This comprehensive course helps you, as the support person, reflect on the impact of the experience and the environment of loss.  With an emphasis on communication and the expression of individual grief, this course addresses topics from conception to identity.

After this training you:

  • You will be uniquely equipped with the ability to provide information and answer questions about infant and pregnancy loss through multiple stages and experiences.
  • You will confidently be able to professionally communicate about loss in order to cultivate trusting relationships; both with clients and with other professionals.
  • ​You will be able to normalize, validate, and refer clients to loss and grief support services.
  • You will have completed all assignments and requirements towards your training
  • You will be provided with a certificate of completion as a Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person.