Pelvic Health Essentials for Birth Practitioners


This is a self-paced online course where you will gain access to one module at a time. Each module contains a video lesson, slide deck, links and resource list, worksheets, and reflection questions.  Each module builds upon the previous one, so it is important to have a solid understanding of concepts presented in the module you’re working through.

You will be required to complete a case study assignment and prepare to discuss it as part of the final module. You are also required to attend an interactive webinar session in order to receive your certificate of completion.  Several options for dates will be emailed once you’re enrolled.

Time to complete the full program: 6 months

Estimate time commitment: 2-5h per module


Pelvic Health Essentials for Doulas & Birth Practitioners is a comprehensive 8-module online course.

It is designed to help you:

o Increase your knowledge and understanding of pelvic floor health during the perinatal period

o Consider the far-reaching impact of pelvic floor dysfunction on your clients’ lived experience in birth and beyond

o Have greater confidence in bringing up pelvic health conversations with your clients and understand when to refer to a health professional

o Offer helpful resources, accurate information, and educational materials to your clients which have been designed by a pelvic floor physiotherapist

o Connect to your inner system and increase your appreciation for your own pelvic floor

Important note: completing this course does not enable or permit you to assess, diagnose, treat, or make recommendations about pelvic floor dysfunction. It is important to refer suspected cases of pelvic floor dysfunction to the appropriate licensed health professional for evaluation and treatment.