Rebozo (Chevron) – 70″ x 25″


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DESIGNED:  Handmade Mexican Rebozo

Doula Canada is pleased to offer the opportunity for Canadian Doulas to share in the beauty and tradition of rebozo use.

Each rebozo is handmade from a small Indigenous community just outside Chiapas, Mexico.

Our supplier works with the community to ensure that each rebozo is ethically made and respectful of the deep tradition and purpose of rebozo use.

These rebozos have a slight pattern (chevron).

Each measures 70″ long by 25″ wide (not including fringe).

Shorter rebozos are $69 each.

$15 flat rate shipping added at time of check out – Ships within Canada.

*Please note:  each rebozo is unique.  Items will be as close to image as possible but may have slight variants.

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