Canada is a big country. One that we are very proud to serve. As Doula Canada grows we see the importance of connecting with the unique needs of each province as best we can.  We also know that as a organization we can only go so far with our reach.

This is where the Provincial Liaison (PL)  position comes in.

The goal of each PL is to be an ambassador for Doula Canada and a liaison for the perinatal community, seeking and assessing the needs of their province.

Now that they have settled in we wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the current PLs. We are so grateful they are here.


British Columbia Meet Caylan

What brought you to work with Doula Canada?
I fell in love with Doula Training Canada when I started my training in May 2017.  It is by far the best, most life changing experience I have stepped into.  I want to see doulas become the norm at births, empower women, and make help make birth beautiful; DTC is full of supportive, talented women with the same goals.


Alberta Meet Laura

What brought you to work with Doula Canada? 
I am the type of person when I get involved with something it is usually because I am passionate about it. Entering the Doula world I found myself really wanting others to share in my excitement.  When I found the opportunity to share my excitement and experience with Doula Canada with people in my province I jumped on the chance.


Saskatchewan meet Carma

What brought you to work with Doula Canada?    Finding my passion for birth after having my first baby has brought me to Doula training Canada. I began to research where I could fit in with my new found love and saw Childbirth Education as a good outlet for me. I love to help anyone and everyone, and now is my chance to take what I learn from birth and turn it into Education for others!


Manitoba meet Kira

What brought you to work with Doula Canada? 
I have a passion for helping others explore and actualize what a healthy and happy life means for themselves and their family. This includes how they nourish their bodies with food but also with lifestyle practices. After the birth of my son, i realized that how we are birthed and give birth to our family has a greater impact on our health and well-being than many of us realize. This inspired me to add “Doula” to my resume!


Ontario meet Ashley
What brought you to work with Doula Canada?Because they are an amazing organization! Doula Canada stands with you and grows with you throughout your entire journey and they have built a family that i am proud to be apart of and represent. They have showcased an outstanding support system for the Doulas, CBE and all students under them that I was honoured to be apart of the organization and all that we stand for.


Nova Scotia Meet Shandelle
What brought you to work at Doula Canada ?

The family like relationships and moral boosting, uplifting conversations happening in the peer group are exactly what I needed.


New Brunswick meet Manon
What Brought you to Doula Canada? 

I am passionate about supporting women in preventative holistic health, which brought me to certifying with Doula Canada. Sharing my passion with my community is so important.


Newfoundland and Labrador meet Samantha
What brought you to work at Doula Canada?

I love the support and sense of family and I wanted to be a part of that ! 

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