Core Certification Programs

Our core certification programs include:

Each program can be started either as a self-study course or in-person training.  When you begin with the in-person workshop you will also have access to our online resources and learning portal.

How to Register for Self Study:

  1. Go to the Doula Shop
  2. Checkout with one or more core certification courses. Through the checkout process you will create an account with us. Keep a note of your username and password!
  3. Once your order has processed we will send you a confirmation email.
  4. Login to your account at
  5. You will now see a new menu item for ‘My Courses’ – go here to view your enrolled courses and start your certification process!
  6. Click here to learn more about what to expect from our Self Study start process.

How to Register for In-Person Training: 

  1. Our available in-person training dates can be found on our events calendar
  2. Simply choose a date and course you would like to participate in, and add a ticket to your shopping cart.
  3. For Labour Doula and Postpartum Doula you will ticket options for ‘Dual Stream’ – choose this option if you will be purchasing both courses (there is a discount when taking both courses with us).
  4. We will send you a confirmation email once payment has come through. When you checkout from our store you will also create an account with us. Keep a note of your username and password!
  5. You will also be sent a ticket for the upcoming training session.
  6. You can now also log into your Doula account to review your order as well as access online materials. Simply go to the menu item ‘My Courses’ (when logged in) to view the online materials you have access to.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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