It is a well known fact that doula training has largely been marketed toward white, middle-class, persons in the past.  The history of Doula Canada is no different, and this something our Doula Canada team has been mindful about shifting over the tenure of our current administration.

In 2019 our organization moved towards recognizing and augmenting our official Equity and Inclusion Policy, as well as created a number of new positions for team members who will help us to focus and execute projects aimed at creating further diversity and support in the doula and childbirth educator professions.

We are pleased to have added male doulas and educators to our roster of members this past year, and look forward to seeing how they buttress their passion for supporting their communities.  There is no doubt in our minds that these men are nothing but incredible people who will make fantastic doulas as they move through certification.

We are also moving beyond Canada to raise awareness and create greater access to doula care.  Doula Canada, in partnership with Wombs of the World, will be working with primary care providers and hospital staff in Tanzania to develop a doula training.   One of our goals of this training is to create job-sustainability and a doula economy that the residents of the Karatu district can have access to.   We have also started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a much needed ultrasound machine at the DD Hospital.  This machine will change lives!  For more or to donate visit here.

Of course we recognize there are still a number of communities and persons in Canada who we can do better to support, and our team is devoted to working with our members to create opportunities and reach goals here at home.  Miranda Kelly (Indigenous Doula Consultant) and Renee Curry (Fundraising Coordinator), as well as our administrative team and dedicated Provincial Liaisons will be hosting meetings, seeking funding, and preparing project plans.  If you have ideas we would love to connect!

We want to recognize the important work being done to increase access and inclusion by such organizations as BirthMark, the Association of Ontario Doulas, BC Doulas, the BCAAFC, the Doula Fund, and many others who work daily to create equity in our profession and inclusion and access for all persons.

Equity for doulas, but more important equity for the clients we serve should be a leading thought amongst all doula training organizations, associations, agencies, collectives AND independent doula enterprises.  By embracing an equity and inclusion policy and collaborating with our professional colleagues we can begin to change the space of doula support.  Our space can grow, and it can include access and fair involvement for all.

Do you have an equity and inclusion policy in place?  Has it opened doors to collaboration?
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