We are so honored to have Shaunacy King from Peterborough, co-owner of Glow Maternity, join our team and work to help make our Childbirth Educator program as fabulous as our other programs (Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula).

With a background in academia, Shaunacy is driven by an evidence based approach to educating and assisting expectant and new parents.  “My background in social research naturally drives me towards approaching birth and parenting from a perspective of advocacy.  Meaning, I strongly feel that each family should receive all of the facts that will lead to their best birth and birthing ‘their own way’.”  And this philosophy is what makes her such a great inspiration to our CBE students.  She wants each of YOUR families to be empowered too!

But is it worth it for you to become a Childbirth Educator?  Have a look below at this great visual display of the benefits of receiving certification, especially if you are already a birth or postpartum doula.  As a Childbirth Educator you are in a great position to gain clients after they have already made a personal connection with you during their CBE class.  If you are not looking to be a Birth or Postpartum Doula, you could set your business up to work closely with those professionals in your community and network together to help increase each others businesses.
Yes, our Childbirth Educator training is intense.  But that is what makes it well worth it in the end for you to be the BEST business professional you can be 🙂

Why would someone choose to become a Childbirth Educator?  Some of the reasons are:

* they have a passion for birth, parenting, helping, empowering or all of these!
* their family life would benefit from the fixed schedule a Childbirth Educator over the variable schedule of a birth doula
* they want to offer a diverse perspective on birth in their community

In class trainings are being offered throughout Ontario in 2015 and will extend to other provinces in Canada in 2016.  Use the link below to register for one of these sessions and start your certification journey as a Childbirth Educator today!

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