Doula Canada believes in the right of doulas to autonomously choose whether they wish to continue supporting clients during this time, or whether they choose to not continue support at this time.

Each provincial health care system and many individual birthing institutions have their own policies and practices in place.  As such it is difficult to formulate “one size fits all” advocacy that encapsulates the needs of all Doula Canada members.

We believe our professional members will research the current situations and support options in their individual communities and provinces and will choose to support clients in a manner that speaks to their comfort, their professional, and their communities needs.

In the days and weeks to come Doula Canada will provide members and the families we support with a variety of documents that they may or may not choose to use in the advocacy and support of families across Canada.

We are grateful to the frontline workers who are tirelessly working to flatten the curve of COVID-19 and in no way want to detract from the real concerns of low resources related to personal protective equipment.  Our statements support that should PPE not be available for support that it should go to frontline workers first.  If, however, PPE is available for at least one support person of choice at a birth then we hope our community stakeholders will see the value and importance of autonomous choice that may include professionally trained doulas.

Together in long-term health for all,
Doula Canada administration, staff, and membership

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