What happens when a Doula crosses a room?



 Doula Canada recently attended the Birth & Beyond conference in London, Ontario.  Birth professionals from across Canada came to build skills and awareness on hot topics circumventing the North American scene… oh, and to rub shoulders with the “who’s who” of birth and baby related goodness.  Hey there Ina May!

There were many inspiring moments at the conference; when you’re in the same room as Gena Kirby or Ina May Gaskin it is difficult not to be inspired!  *fan-girl moment of the year!*

However, the Doula Canada team recognized something more about this event and its importance to our students and alumni.  What was wonderful about Birth & Beyond was its ability to create confidence in our Doula Canada students and alumni.


 One of the keys to success and competency as a Doula or Childbirth Educator in Canada = confidence.

Doula Canada knows that feeling self-assured is an important player in feeling ready and able to instill those same qualities in the expecting or new families we support.  More “I know what to do” and less “I’m really not sure what the hell I’m doing!”

At Birth & Beyond those who were awestruck by being in the presence of some of the great birth minds eagerly walked across the room and shook hands with the persons they were at first uncomfortable approaching.  With confidence.  With stride.  With the knowledge that they, like their mentors, believe in making a difference.  With the recognition that they knew WHAT to do and WHY they were doing it!

At Doula Canada we wholeheartedly work to mentor our students in order that they overcome these insecurities and ROCK their DOULA or CBE CONFIDENCE.

We believe that certification is the first step to pulling those shoulders back as you confidently move towards the “I am a good Doula,” mantra we embrace.

We also believe that challenging you to move forward, despite criticism from other organizations or practicing stakeholders is proof of YOUR CONFIDENCE.  Naysayers gonna hate or, as our favourite famous Jennifer Lawrence so eloquently put it “Don’t worry about the Bitches!”

So whether you are in this Doula or CBE journey with us already, or have been pondering taking the leap to joining our growing DTC family, we encourage you to take those steps confidently.
See those goals across the room and confidently move towards them.  With trust, with belief, with credence, and with conviction (oh look…. synonyms for the word confidence!).So what do you get when a Doula walks across the room?            A confident opportunity.

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