What is an Educational Unit?

In many professions a person is asked to submit proof of continuing education in order to maintain their status in that profession.  Take, for example, your registered massage therapist, local nursing staff, and chiropractors!

Doula Canada values the need for continuing education.

The goal of ensuring our students are the top professional birth workers and support persons led us to incorporate continuous learning into our certification streams – also know as an Educational Unit (EU).

An Educational Unit is a “point” you obtain by attending other trainings that will help you to grow your business.

One Educational Unit is granted for every two (2) hours of additional learning you participate in.  Example:  8 hour workshop is weighted as 4 EU credits.

The total number of educational units required for certification can be found on the specific program pages.

A student can use a maximum of 6 educational units per a course toward certification.

Don’t have previous business experience?  Haven’t experienced breastfeeding a child yourself?  The Educational Unit requirement is an opporunity to take courses that will customize your training to your unique learning needs, but also build your skills to become a more confident support person!

We encourage our students to search their community to see what may be available.   However we also recognize a variety of online webinars, workshops and courses that make Educational Unit learning accessible to all.  (Example: City of Toronto breastfeeding modules).

Taking Educational Unit credits is an opportunity to develop your skills in areas you feel you need more knowledge, and also a way to possibly add additional income streams that compliment your birth or postpartum related business.

Doula Canada requests that every three (3) years students submit a form with supporting documentation showing that they have completed 12 EU credits in that three year period (4 per a year, or 8 hours of learning per a year).  There is no fee to submit this form or “recertify,” but it is required to remain in good-standing with Doula Canada.

Interested in having a course or program added to our pre-approved Educational Units list?  Please email info@doulatraining.ca to request an application form from our administrative team.

Note: applications must be submitted by the developer or instructor of the course.

Prefer to get certified online? We have you covered with our self-study options!

What our Students Say
  • Hello Ladies, I received a beautiful bracelet in the mail from Doula Canada. I don't know who sent it or why I received it or who to say thank you to 🙂 But I love it. I have been admiring the bracelets that you can put essential oils on, thinking I won't find the extra money to buy myself something I don't need and being able to justify the purchase. So it kind of means a great deal, as small as the gesture was. So thank you. I want to take a moment to tell you that I had no idea what I really was getting into when I signed up to be certified with Doula Canada. Its been a welcoming change in my life and I have only just scratched the surface. I was working in a Nursing Home and have worked quite a bit with palliative care for about 10 years. I loved my job but it was hard! Physically and mentally. So I quit to be with my own tiny babes. But I've felt lost. My babes are grown and I have been wanting to do something meaningful again, but not just any job to make money. I stumbled across this program and I am love. I like helping people and I am feeling a huge pull towards the Infant lose program. I wanted to be certified as a Doula first then dive into the Infant lose program. Its a horrible thing for someone to go through, I want to help them get through that time. Thank you for being such supportive instructors. I have joined an amazing network of women!

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